Question: How do you freeze baked goods without plastic?

Use metal ice cube trays, muffin tins, or bread tins to freeze smaller quantities of food; then transfer to a container or wrap well for longer-term storage.

What can I use instead of plastic in the freezer?

Conclusion: Glass, glass containers with screw caps or sealable stainless steel cans are good alternatives to plastic boxes. Cardboard, paper, soft cloth or cotton bags make poor packaging material for frozen food. If you take shortcuts with the packaging, then you have to accept food with freezer burn.

How do you store baked goods without plastic?

Let’s take a look a deeper look at each plastic-free freezing method below.

  1. Reusable beeswax/wax wrap. Whenever you have extra bread, wrap it in a wax wrap and pop it in the freezer. …
  2. Paper bag. You can put bread in a paper bag, and freeze it easily. …
  3. Baking parchment paper. …
  4. Silicone baggies. …
  5. Cotton bag. …
  6. Tupperware container.
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What is the best way to freeze baked goods?

Like cakes and quick breads, muffins, cupcakes, and scones freeze beautifully. Bake them, cool them, wrap individually in plastic wrap or Press & Seal, then place in a large zipped-top bag or freezer container. No need to wrap twice– just 1 layer of wrap for these small items is fine.

How do you freeze a cake without cling film?


  1. Bake and completely cool a cake/cake layers. …
  2. Once the cake(s) cools completely, wrap it in Press & Seal. …
  3. Write the type of cake and use-by date on a large piece of aluminum foil. …
  4. Wrap the cake in the aluminum foil.
  5. Place the cake(s) in a freezer-safe container. …
  6. Freeze for up to 3 months.

How do you store food in a freezer without a plastic bag?

If you are freezing food for a shorter period of time (2-3 weeks at most), you can wrap in unbleached butcher paper or waxed paper sheets or bags. Butcher paper doesn’t seal the food as well as waxed paper, but it makes a good first-layer wrap. Double or triple for longer freezing periods.

Can you freeze food in Ziploc bags?

The question came up when we learned that all Ziploc bags adhere to the FDA’s safety rules for freezing food. … All bags made by Ziploc are freezer safe.

How do you store muffins without plastic in the freezer?

Place a paper towel in the container or bag. Place the muffins on top of the paper towel and cover them with another one. Now, seal your container. The paper towels will help absorb some of the moisture trying to escape so they should be good at room temperature for at least three days.

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Can you freeze things in paper bags?

Put them into the prepared paper bags. Then fold down the tops and either clip them or staple them. Label and date the bags with a sharpie, and put them in the freezer. They will not freeze together into a lump, and very little, if any, frost will accumulate in the bag.

How do you store muffins without plastic?

Use paper towels and a sealed container.

This is where the paper towel comes in. It absorbs the excess moisture, leaving your baked goods fresher longer. Store muffins and quick breads in a sealed container or resealable plastic bag, in a single layer.

How do you wrap muffins to freeze them?

Storage & Freezing Muffins

Cool muffins completely before wrapping and freezing. To freeze, wrap securely in foil or freezer wrap, or place in freezer bags. Label all packages with the name of the recipe and the date.

Can I freeze already baked cookies?

For cookies that are already baked, here’s how to freeze them successfully for up to two months. Be sure the cookies are completely cooled before freezing. Place the cookies into an airtight container lined with aluminum foil or plastic food wrap. For best results, wrap the cookies individually in plastic food wrap.

Can you freeze baked muffins in paper liners?

Here’s how to freeze muffins before baking them… Put paper muffin tin liners in the muffin tin. … There’s no need to spend a lot of money on muffin tin liners, just grab them on clearance after any holiday. Put batter in the muffin tins and instead of baking put them in the freezer until they’re frozen.

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Can you freeze cake in Tupperware?

Yes, you can freeze a cake in a Tupperware container but place the cake in it only after wrapping it tightly in a sheet of cling plastic wrap and another layer of Aluminium foil.

Can you put cake tins in freezer?

Once wrapped well, if you have the space available in your freezer, I recommend freezing in a cake tin one size bigger than the cake. This extra space allows for the wrapping of clingfilm and foil, and also helps the cake keep its shape. It’s also really handy if you’ve got a particularly busy freezer.

How do you wrap a cake to freeze it?

And indeed, the best way to wrap a cake for freezing is to wrap it in plastic wrap. Plastic wrap produces a nice, tight seal that holds in moisture and protects the cake from freezer burn. If you’re freezing your cake for three days or less, a single layer of plastic wrap is plenty.