How do you cook with Le Creuset stoneware?

Le Creuset stoneware is oven-safe up to 500°F and freezer-safe up to -9°F, and you can also put it in the microwave and under a broiler. But note that it’s not safe to use on the stovetop or on any other direct heat source.

Do you have to preheat stoneware?

A: Always use a Stoneware piece that closely matches the size of the food item being prepared. To prevent your Stoneware piece from breaking during baking, cover at least two-thirds of the surface area with food. … However do not preheat empty Stoneware in the oven, because this may cause the Stoneware to crack or break.

Can you put stoneware on the stove?

Stoneware on the Stove Top

Despite its heat tolerance, stoneware is chancy on the stove top. For one thing, stoneware can damage flat glass or ceramic stove tops, whether conventional or induction. … Traditionally it would be used at the edge of a small cooking fire, with gentle heat from the bottom.

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Can I bake a cake in Le Creuset stoneware?

The essential kitchen classic from Le Creuset is ideal for simmering tender and succulent one-pot casseroles; as well as for stews, roasting, preparing soups and rice dishes, and even baking. This tin is perfect for baking a wide variety of breads and cakes.

Can Le Creuset stoneware go from fridge to oven?

Le Creuset Stoneware is safe for use in the microwave, freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and broiler. The maximum oven-safe temperature is 500°F / 260°C. Use oven mitts for lifting at all times. … Place the frozen dish in a cold oven and set the temperature, allowing the dish and oven to heat together.

Does stoneware increase cooking time?

It can’t be used under a broiler or on the stovetop. Furthermore, the natural makeup of stoneware affects cooking times. It takes longer to heat up, and after you remove the stoneware from the oven, it will continue to cook your food because it takes longer to cool down as well.

How do you keep stoneware from cracking?

Placing a hot piece of stoneware in the sink and filling it with cool or cold water will cause automatic cracking if not breakage. Always clean warm stoneware with warm water. Use of any abrasive sponges or cleaning devices may damage the cookware and cause scratches or small breaks.

Why does stoneware crack in the oven?

Thermal shock happens when your stoneware changes temperature too quickly. This can cause the stoneware to crack or break. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to avoid thermal shock.

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Is stoneware better for baking?

Durability. Stone bakeware is capable to withstand the hottest oven temperature possible, which makes them perfect for baking foods in the oven. Stoneware bakers and dinner sets are chip-resistant and able to retain their strength through normal use.

What can I do with old Le Creuset?

Merci, Le Creuset!

Readers, if you have an old and stained, but otherwise well-treated piece of this iconic cookware you wish to replace, contact the company’s Consumer Services Department toll-free at 1-877-418-5547, or email them at

Can all stoneware go in the oven?

Versatility: Stoneware is dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and oven-safe. It can go from the freezer to the oven. Some styles can even go under the broiler. … Ease of use: Good-quality stoneware has a glaze so smooth and strong it’s nearly nonstick.

Can you use stoneware on a glass top stove?

In order to avoid damaging your glass-top stove, you should avoid pots and pans made from glass, stoneware, traditional ceramic, and cast iron that has not been crafted to be compatible with glass-top stoves.

What can you make in a Le Creuset baking dish?

20 Dishes You Can Make in a Le Creuset Mini-Cocotte

  1. Baked Eggs with Spinach, Tomato & Feta.
  2. Pecan Cinnamon Breakfast Rolls.
  3. Caramelized Onion and Roasted Pepper Frittata.
  4. Deep Dish Pizza.
  5. Coquilles St. Jacques.
  6. Fish Chowder Stew.
  7. Rustic French Onion Soup.
  8. Beef & Potato Shepherd Pie.

Is Le Creuset good for baking?

But Le Creuset’s take — featuring large looped handles; a wide, flat bottom; and smooth enamel covering both the interior and the exterior for easy upkeep — was perfectly designed for frying, braising, stewing, and baking in a home kitchen.

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What can be used instead of cake tin?

If you have aluminum foil and a flat sheet pan then you are well on your way to creating your own cake pan. This method is also great as you can make any size or any shape pan that you may need. Heavy duty aluminum foil works best as it is significantly thicker than some of those bargain foils.