Your question: How do you winterize a Traeger grill?

Can Traeger be left outside in winter?

You can’t quit winter, chilly temperatures may cause your nose to glow but don’t let a cold, yet faithful Traeger sidekick freeze you out of delicious and flavorful food in frigid weather. … When the outside of your Traeger smoker grill gets cold, the inside of the grill isn’t thrilled.

Can I leave my pellet grill outside in the winter?

Pellet Grill Smokers can be left outside in mild climates, however, in winter months they should be stored in a garage. Pellet Grill Smokers are not designed for exposed sun or rain. They should always be in a covered roof area.

Can I use my Traeger in the winter?

If you haven’t ever grilled during the winter, it’s the season to put your Traeger grill to the test. You can enjoy the delicious flavor of your Traeger grill all winter long!

How do I prepare my grill for winter?

Make sure your grill is fully dry before covering it. Air drying is fine if that’s an option, but otherwise, towel it off to be sure everything is nice and dry before the cold winter months. Remember that bugs, creatures, and moisture can get through any tears in the cover, so make sure yours is still in good shape.

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Can you store Traeger in garage?

As any grill like Traeger contain flame and they are not intended to use in the garage or indoor under any circumstances. They are specially designed for outdoor cooking. Of course, there are some electric grills that can be used indoors like the open grill and the folding contact grill.

Are Traeger grills weatherproof?

Traeger grills are not waterproof. If a Traeger product is in the rain or outside during wet weather, you must take precautions to ensure the Traeger grill remains dry. Allowing moisture into the pellet hopper may cause damage or jam the auger. Traeger grills should be covered when not in use.

Can you store Traeger outside?

Invest in a Traeger Cover.

If a Traeger is stored outside during wet weather, water can get into the Pellet Hopper. … Additionally, a Traeger cannot cook with wet wood. If you do not have a cover, take extra care to keep the pellet hopper covered and away from any water.

Can I leave pellets in Traeger?

Leaving your pellets in the hopper between cooks is absolutely fine. … Even Traeger Grills agrees that there is no harm done by not emptying the pellets after every cook, so long as it’s not for extended periods of time.

How do you store a Traeger grill?

How To Store Your Traeger Grill for Winter

  1. #1: Thoroughly Clean the Grill. This should be obvious, but I’ll spell it out just in case. …
  2. #2: Mix Diatomaceous Earth in the Hopper (And Underneath) …
  3. #3: Move Your Grill Under Cover. …
  4. #4: If Cover Isn’t Available, Wrap It Well. …
  5. #5: Disconnect The Grill from Power.
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Can I smoke meat in the winter?

Smoking in cold temperatures presents several challenges. … As temperatures drop, you need to be diligent to make sure your smoker maintains temperature. Wind, rain, and other precipitation add further obstacles, but with some prep and patience, you can smoke during almost any weather.

How do you use a pellet grill in the winter?

7 Tips for Winter Pellet Grilling

  1. Keep the snow off your pellet grill. You need to have a pellet grill cover! …
  2. Keep a path shoveled to your pellet grill. …
  3. Consider buying a thermal insulation blanket. …
  4. Use 100% Hardwood Pellets for stable temperature. …
  5. Don’t open the lid. …
  6. Plan for keeping food warm. …
  7. Try cold smoking.

Can you use a pellet grill in the snow?

Pellet grills can still work in the cold weather. They simply require more fuel, insulation, and patience as you attempt not to open the grill- even if there is a higher cooking time required.