Best answer: Can you add protein powder to baked goods?

A super easy way to add more protein into your (high carb) baked goods is to replace some of the flour with protein powder. … Protein powder can replace flour in all sorts of baked goods and other recipes, such as: Pancakes (like these!)

How does protein powder affect baking?


Never bake a batter comprised of primarily protein powder – this is particularly the case when they’re making pancakes or protein muffins/cakes. If your batter is over 1/2 protein powder, your food WILL turn out really dry and rubbery, especially if the powder you’re using is whey or casein.

Can you bake with any protein powder?

You can bake with any type of protein, whether it’s whey protein, casein, a protein blend of milk and egg or even vegan proteins such as rice, pea or hemp.

Can you add protein powder to cakes?

Brownies, cakes, cookies, and more—there is no shortage of healthy desserts you can add protein powder to! Choose a protein powder with the flavor that your dessert is looking for and mix it right into the batter.

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Can you put whey protein in baked goods?

Whey protein does well in most baked goods. Try adding it to your pancakes, muffins or waffles. It’s an amazingly easy way to turn your favourite sweet foods into something healthy. And why not try adding whey protein next time you bake bread.

How do you add protein to baked goods?

Options to increase protein content in baked items include:

  1. Beans and Pulses: Chickpea powder (25-28% protein) …
  2. Eggs. Egg Whites (10% protein)5
  3. Grains/Pseudo-grains. Whole Wheat ( 9-15% protein)5
  4. Milk. Whey protein (11-90% protein) …
  5. Nuts. Almond Butter (24% protein) …
  6. Nutritional yeasts ( 50% protein)
  7. Seeds.

How do you add protein powder to a cake?

How do you add protein powder to a cake? Whey protein powder mixes smoothly into forgiving batters, such as those for pancakes or boxed cake mixes. Add just a scoop or two to boost the protein content. A scoop is generally equal to about 1/3 cup and contains between 20 and 25 grams of protein.

How do you add protein powder to muffin mix?

In terms of when to add, mix in your protein powder with your other dry ingredients like flour or ground nuts and slowly whisk with the wet ingredients to make a smooth batter. Now you can decide if you need to add a splash more liquid to make the batter thinner and smooth.

Can you bake with vegan protein powder?

Unlike cooking with whey protein, plant-based protein powders don’t become rubbery. This means they’re great for brownies, cakes and muffins!

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How do you use pea protein powder in baking?

Use only enough powder to swap out the flour. If a recipe calls for multiple flours or powders, like cocoa in a brownies mix, use equal amounts of each type of powder to total the original flour amount. For example, 1 cup of flour would be divided into ½ cup pea protein and ½ cup cocoa powder.

Can I put protein powder in my brownie mix?

Effect on Baked Goods

Add whey protein to homemade bars or brownies to make these nutritionally challenged treats healthier for you. When you add whey, though, you risk making your batter too sticky and ending up with a dried-out final product.

Does heat destroy whey protein?

Specifically, direct, long-lasting heat damages “amino acid bioavailability,” meaning it your body has a harder time digesting and using the protein. Whey becomes harder to digest at 167+ degrees Fahrenheit, though whey protein concentrate cooked at 194 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes retained 80% of its solubility.

What can I add protein powder to?

Goodbye scoop of protein powder in a glass of almond milk.

  • Add it to oatmeal. …
  • Make protein pancakes. …
  • Turn dessert waffles into a hearty meal. …
  • Add flavorless protein powder to mashed potatoes. …
  • Add protein powder to coffee, especially if you skip breakfast. …
  • Swirl protein powder into yogurt.