Journal for Cooks and Foodies from The Maya Kitchen

There is a new book that is sure to delight both the serious cook and the kitchen novice alike.

Maya Food Journal
Maya Food Journal

The Maya Kitchen Journal for Cooks and Foodies is a compilation of more than 180 recipes for all occasions, tried and tested by The Maya Culinary Kitchen. The over 400-page book is divided into the 12 months of the year with each page containing a recipe and a blank space for notes and reminders. The recipe selection is a merry mix of appetizers, main courses, desserts and snacks of local and international flavour. Tips and secrets are also sprinkled here and there. (more…)

Haunted Cake Recipe

If you want your Halloween Party even more creepy but truly enjoyable. You may think that preparing Halloween themed foods is hard and might used up your time and effort. Think again, You can actually bake your favorite cake recipe and just simply put some dark colorings and beautifully designed fondant to make it more attractive.

haunted cake recipe
Haunted Cake

Look at this round chocolate cake ringed by fondant-covered ghouls cookies with open mouth shriek and haunting eyes. You can easily bake one by following this simple recipe : (more…)

Mummy Waffle on Sticks

Still looking for interesting recipes for your Kiddie Halloween Party? Make your ordinary Hotdog more appealing by decorating it with simple but attractive Halloween themed design.

Mummy Waffle on Sticks
Mummy Waffle on Sticks

Checkout this Hotdog waffles dipped in rich chocolate syrup and rolled in chocolate crumbs. To make it bloody attractive, put colored sweet gums and devil eyes. (more…)

Pasta with Tuna Tuscan Recipe

Pasta is one of the fastest recipe to cook if you are preparing for a dinner with friends. With the introduction of canned or bottled pasta sauce, all we need is to cook the pasta, saute the spices and mix it with pasta.. That’s easy right?

Pasta with Tuna Tuscan
Another Pasta Recipe brought to you by The Maya Kitchen


 1 bottle of BRAVO Tuna Tuscan Sauce

  •  90 g  pasta
  •  20 g  olive oil
  •  30 g  minced garlic
  • 120g tuna in oil
  • anchovy pieces to taste
  • Ground pepper to taste (more…)

Pasta Al Adobo Recipe

Pork Adobo is probably the most popular Pinoy Dish and it comes with different preparations. The most common way of cooking Adobo is by simply boiling the pork with soy sauce and vinegar and other ingredients until the fat comes out and the pork is tender.

Pasta Al Adobo
Pasta Al Adobo Recipe from Chef Gen Capati

Pork Adobo is best paired with Rice or Pasta, YES Pasta!!! Checkout Chef Gen Capati’s recipe of Pasta Al Adobo.. Here it is:) (more…)

Eggplant Medley Recipe

Eggplant is one of my favorite vegetables and its probably one of the easiest to find in the market. If you think serving eggplant dish is boring, wait till you taste Eggplant Medley Recipe from Chef Gen Capati of The Cookbook Kitchen.

Eggplant Medley Recipe
Eggplant Medley Recipe by Chef Gen Capati

Eggplant is a fruit of a plant originally from India, eggplant is botanically classified as a berry and is eaten as a vegetable. Eggplant can also be stuffed with meat, rice, or other fillings and then baked. Chef Gen Capati shares his Eggplant Medley Recipe, Hows the taste? Its perfect. Heres the recipe:) (more…)