Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips : A delightful Snack

Tahong is one of Bacoor’s major produce and one of the major sources of income for the town constituents. I first got the chance to taste it last week when we were invited to cover the first Bacood Festival in Bacoor Cavite.

Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips from Bacoor Cavite
Crispy Tahong Chips

I’ve never been a big fan of Tahong (mussels) but after tasting the tahong chips I guess I’m now converted. The popular crispy tahong chips are made of fresh mussels, flour, spices and salt. Tahong Chips taste like real tahong in crunchy chip form and is usually consumed as “pulutan”, snacks, and an excellent alternative for junk foods which kids may enjoy.

Ocean Delight Adobong Tahong
Adobong Tahong

After fixing a huge serving of Digman Original Halo-Halo, we visited the Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips factory to checkout how these chips are made and, of course, to submit to another gustatory experience. (more…)

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