Delicious Pinoy Foods at Kawayan Cove

Last weekend I was invited together with a group of Bloggers for a familiarization tour in a seaside residential property called Kawayan Cove. We were able to enjoy our visit at the Kawayan Cove dispite the rainy weather in Nasugbu. Although I was not able to take much landscape photos which is really my intention for joining the tour, I was not really that disappointed. Wanna Guess what made me happy? I think the answer is pretty much a give away!

kawayan Cove
Steamed Crabs

Kawayan Cove Owners prepared a hearty Pinoy lunch for us right in front of the secluded Bamboo Beach. When I saw a lot of uncooked fresh sea foods in front of the beach house upon our arrival, I just told myself… the rain is perfect. Perfect time to pig-out specially with this kind of weather:)

kawayan Cove
Grilled Tilapia

Aside from freshly grilled tilapia, steamed crabs, grilled squid and shrimp kebab, they also served several authentic pinoy side dishes like sliced green mango with bagoong, ginisang kangkong, atsara (pickled green papaya) and salted egg with sliced tomato. (more…)

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