Le Ching Tea House

After an hour of strolling and shopping, I decided to visit one of my favorite restaurants in Greenhills – Le Ching Tea House. Whenever I visit Greenhills, I always end up eating in Le Ching – a casual Chinese restaurant popular for its bestseller steamed Pork Spareribs.

Le Ching Tea House Asado Rice
Le Ching’s Popular Asado Rice – 105 Php

Pork Spareribs is my favorite dish in Le Ching but this time, I ordered Pork Asado for a change. Pork Asado is a famous Tsinoy dish, its a braised pork loin sliced thinly and served on top of the steamed rice (almost two cups of steamed rice).

Le Ching Tea House Siomai
Freshly Steamed Pork Siomai – 70 Php

I also ordered Siomai, my favorite dimsum in this tea house. Siomai is a popular Chinese dimsum made of ground pork, prawns, corn starch or egg and dumpling wrappers.

Le Ching Tea House Shoppesville Branch
Le Ching Shoppesville Greenhills Branch

Few minutes after getting my order, a friendly waiter served the Cola together with my favorite Chili garlic sauce and calamansi which is common in most Chinese restaurants. Food was served after a couple of minutes, I immediately grabbed my camera to take photos. (more…)

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