Discover cheesiness to the Xtreme only at Greenwich

From movies and songs, to pick-up lines, cheesiness continues to reign supreme for Filipinos. With tongue-in-cheek appreciation, Filipinos proudly enjoy and share dialogues, lyrics and one-liners that, cheesy as they are, hit home. The same is true for their unapologetic fondness for the rich taste that cheese gives to food—from embutido and sopas, even fruit salad. Pile on the cheese, and Pinoys will devour it.

greenwich pizza

Taking their cue from the Filipinos’ preference for overflowing cheesiness is the Philippines’ favorite pizza chain as it launched the cheesiest pizzas in the country today. The new Greenwich Xtreme Cheese Pizzas are overloaded with delicious toppings and premium types of cheese to give nothing less than the cheesiest, most extreme pizza satisfaction. (more…)

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