Hot and Spicy Shrimp in Tomato Recipe

After having Maya Hotcake breakfast, I spent the rest of the morning reading recipe books and food magazines. I’m planning to cut down eating meat and processed food and instead eat veggies, seafood and fruits – healthy diet yeah? While browsing an old cookbook, I saw an easy to prepare hot and spicy recipe for shrimp.

Hot and Spicy Shrimp in Tomatoes
Hot and Spicy Shrimp in Tomato

Whats happened? I asked our helper to go to the nearest supermarket to buy fresh medium size prawns and fresh tomatoes since I have the rest of the ingredients in my cabinet. (more…)

Two Ways to Cook Delectable Menudo

Menudo has been a mainstay in any Filipino dinner table. This rich dish of cubed pork, liver, potatoes, with a tomato base comes in as many variations as there are ingredients available to the adventurous cook.

Well-known chef and culinary specialist, Chef Jill Sandique shares with us her two exceptional versions of Menudo, made more delicious with Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, the world’s number one for over 165 years. Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce makes meat taste meatier. It has that unique flavor with the perfect tangy, sweet, spicy and sour combination. Just a tablespoon or so of Lea & Perrins makes the flavor of any meat dish come alive.

Everyday Menudo
Everyday Menudo

Everyday Menudo Recipe By Jill F. Sandique

500 grams pork kasim or pigue, washed and drained
250 grams pork liver, washed and drained
1½ teaspoons Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce (more…)