Enjoy Jollibee’s Breakfast Joys and start your morning Stress-Free

While its raining hard earlier, food bloggers are in Jollibee Harbor Square attending the Tai Chi and Yoga sessions with Jollibee.. Yes! Jollibee the Mascot apparently loves Tai Chi and Yoga.

Jollibee Pinoy Pancake
Jollibee 2pc Pancake

Since Jollibee is promoting their Breakfast Meals, they gathered pinoy food bloggers to learn basic yoga and tai chi techniques to promote stress-free lifestyle and to have food tasting of their famous Pinoy Breakfast meals. (more…)

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Pastel de Lengua @ Café by the Ruins

After visiting Tam-awan Village, I immediately headed to the city proper to meet a friend who was also in Baguio for a business trip. I sent her an SMS; San tayo Meet? then she replied “Sa Cafe by the Ruins na lang”.

baguio food
Pastel de Lengua P275.00

Im not a big fan of this restaurant since the majority of their menu is a bit expensive but this is something that is not availabe in Manila so I better enjoy it right? (more…)

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Traditional Filipino Dishes at its best @ Sentro 1771

Nothing can beat Pinoy Food, I guess its the acquired taste but I guess there’s really nothing like your own. Last week, I was invited to visit the restaurant and experience their food. The restaurant was not yet crowded when we arrived but customers started to walk in as lunch time approached.

Fried Kesong Puto Sentro 1771
Fried Kesong Puti P250

For appetizer, we ordered Organic native white cheese, coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried until golden brown. Drizzled with sweet chili guava sauce and served with garlic dip. (more…)

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Experience Authentic Heirloom Filipino Cuisine @ Adarna Food and Culture

Do you want to travel back in time to try 1913’s version of Pancit and experience the difference from its modern day counterpart? Im sure you’d be interested to find out how filipino dishes were served and prepared by our ancestors. Most of us no longer explore the pinoy culinary tradition and this can be blamed on the popularity of Italian and Japanese food.

Adarna Food and Culture Facade

I was invited to try out Adarna Food & Culture with fellow food bloggers last week to experience their distinctive menu of historical, regional and heirloom recepies of Filipino dishes that reintroduces Pinoy’s culinary surprises the old school way. It was really impressed at how Beth Angsioco transformed the place into a beautiful rendezvous and how Chef Giney Villar researched the best selection of dishes based on the accounts of old family cooks, descendants of families with culinary traditions and old Filipino cookbooks.

Banana Nut Turon with Caramelo and Chicken Relleno

According to Chef Giney, Adarna’s Bestsellers are Sulu Piassok, Pancit 1913, Menestra Favorito, Bicol Express, Sigarillas Salad, Pancit Musiko, Batanes Yellow Rice, Adobong Batangas and grilled meats with Salsa Monja. (more…)

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Authentic Pinoy Food @ Travel Cafe Philippines

I haven’t experience dining at Travel Cafe Philippines yet but I’ve been hearing praises about this travel inspired pinoy restaurant. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend in the opening of Bratpack Greenbelt 5. Aside from the newly opened uber huge Bratpack store in Greenbelt 5, I think one of the highlight of the event was its delightful set of meals served by Travel Cafe Philippines.

Saranggani Smoked Fish Linguini
Saranggani Smoked Fish Linguini

Travel Cafe Philippines was a pet project of The Philippine Department of Tourism together with Makati Skyline, Inc. as Food and Beverage Consultants. TCP aims to showcase food that is reflective of traditional Filipino cuisine. The restaurant has been known for its authentic pinoy dishes such as crispy squid, crispy ukoy, kinilaw, Pandesal Sandwiches, Lumpia and everyone’s favorite Halo Halo. (more…)

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