Foodie Contest : Start your day great with new Jollibee Breakfast Joys

I must admit, Jollibee is my favorite breakfast place. I know, a lot of people might be surprised at that because everyone thinks that I always cook my breakfast everyday. But come on, I go home from the office when everyone are just waking up so I’d rather spend my mornings in Jollibee to save more time.

Chicken Sausages with 2-piece Pancakes
Chicken Sausages with 2-piece Pancakes – Php 52.00

Cooking breakfast and starting the day at home is so ideal but that’s not always easy to do and for some reason, I think rushing out the door with toast in your hand isn’t exactly the key to a healthier lifestyle. (more…)

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Filipino Breakfast @ Kinamot Restaurant and Hotel

For Leyteños, kinamot means to eat with hands much like Kamayan in Luzon.

Filipino Breakfast @ Kinamot Restaurant
Pinoy Breakfast

Our breakfast was served in an alfresco setting, overlooking the Maasin City pier. Everything was served in buffet style and the food choices are composed of steamed rice, garlic fried rice, fried dried pusit and crispy fried danggit, tocino, skinless longanisa, hard boiled egg and sinaing na tambakol. (more…)

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