When in doubt, take the ready route

Nestea LemonWe love all things instant, everything ready-made in this day and age. Instant communication, information at the touch of a screen, food and drinks available 24/7. While these things get a bad reputation, what were once luxuries are now necessities in today’s fast-paced world. They have become even more important as we juggle home, school, and work, responsibilities and leisure, real life and digital life.

Ready-made has a slew of benefits that make our lives easier, and more comfortable. For example, it gives us more time do other things. If you have a long commute in the morning, waiting for a pot to brew can mean the difference between arriving on time and getting stuck in rush-hour traffic.

The same applies to information. What would previously take days to research and confirm is now available at our fingertips. Friends we would have lost touch with through the years we can now communicate with easily, and knowledge that used to be available to the privileged and select few can now be shared.

The fast-paced lifestyle also allows us to enjoy more time-consuming things when they are at hand. It is no accident that as instant food, technology, and innovation become more ubiquitous, so does an increasing number of artisan restaurants, analog throwbacks, and an increasing appreciation for all things slow and hand-crafted. (more…)