Max’s Corner Bakery’s Ensaimadas make Max’s Merienda Mixes More Special

Max’s Restaurant and its bakeshop brand Max’s Corner bakery have whipped up the most and delectable for all Filipinos for their merienda treats.

Among the many treats that Max’s Corner Bakery offers are the cake rolls, cheese rolls, and the quintessential Filipino merienda pastry, Ensaimada. A household merienda staple, Ensaimada has become a Filipino favorite. The soft and fluffy ensaimada has found a niche in the merienda habits of Filipinos throughout the years. Merienda lovers young and old have enjoyed the sweet and light pastry for many years now. The simple yet very delectable sugary treat evokes a certain sense of nostalgia and comfort with every bite. And with Max’s Corner Bakery’s new take on this wonderful treat, everyone will sure ask for more. (more…)