Spicy Beef Rendang @ Wild Ginger

“Are you free tomorrow for lunch?” Jessica asked, I said Yes, it’s been a while since the last time we talked about her blog etc. Jessica suggested that we have lunch at Wild Ginger, one of the few restaurants at Power Plant Mall that serves Asian specialties from all over Southeast Asia.

Pork with red curry paste
Pork with red curry paste

I love Asian food, Who doesn’t? I must admit, I had a hard time choosing from the menu and instead of going back and forth and possibly ending up with the wrong choice I just asked Jessica for suggestions since she’s already familiar with the restaurants menu. After a short chat she ordered Pork with red curry paste while she recommended that I try their Beef Rendang. It’s no doubt that the place is her favorite restaurant, in fact she calls this restaurant her office extension. Hmmm I dont think thats advisable for me:) (more…)

Manila’s Portal for Indulgence Goes to Rockwell

For busy, globe-trotting sophisticates, everyday meals may be limited to anything that can be ordered to-go. But every once in a while, they crave for exquisitely prepared and presented food, elegant surroundings, attentive service and a glass of fine wine.

modern caesar salad
Modern Caesar Salad – Astralis offers a diverse mix of continental fare starting with its wide array of salads from the Traditional Caesar Salad to a sophisticated Seared Norwegian Salmon Salad can delight the most discriminating weight-watchers.

To break the monotony in the everyday dining experience of urbanites is the inspiration behind Astralis – a new epicurean landmark in the posh landscape of Rockwell. From the same people behind the rich culinary heritage of Diamond Hotel, Astralis fuses the reasonable price of casual dining with the feel of luxury restaurants topped off with one of the most progressive wine selections in the metro.

mini US wagyu beef burgers done 3 ways
Mini US Wagyu Beef Burgers done in three ways

“We always strive to make our offerings more accessible to many by being present in major commercial centers,” says Diamond Hotel President Cecile Ang. “We started this by bringing in the acclaimed desserts of the hotel through the Cake Club in Rockwell. And now, we are making our epicurean expertise available to many through Astralis.” (more…)