5 reasons why real friends need offline bonding moments

These days, staying in touch with friends may just be a click away whether it is reading a friend’s status updates, liking a newly uploaded profile picture or sending real-time tweets. Social networking makes it easy for barkadas to stay in touch. Friendships matter and deserve deeper, more real and heartfelt connections more than just by being a click away.

Greenwich Presyong Kaibigan Promo
Greenwich Presyong Kaibigan Promo

Sure, staying online keeps us in touch with friends but isn’t it more fun to actually experience things together? Nothing beats meeting up with friends for real time bonding moments. (more…)

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Experience American Idol mania at Greenwich

Greenwich, the exclusive co-presenter of American Idol on Star World, lets you taste the unique American Idol Experience as it gives you the chance to collect limited edition American Idol premium items. The Philippines’ favorite pizza Chain treats all idol fanatics with free AI premium items for every purchase of the latest limited edition AI pizza.

American Idol Mania @ Greenwich

Idol followers can go Idol-crazy as they pick among the exclusive AI items.

Fans can wear their American Idol pride with 5 different shirt designs to choose from: the “I am the next American Idol” statement shirt is available in blue and white, the interactive mic tee makes you look all set for that perfect idol performance, and two other designs will surely make you feel and look like an idol! (more…)