Top skills necessary to become a food critic

Food industry has given a boost to many opportunities in the country as well as in the world. People all around attracted to flavors are finding new recipes and advertising them to gain popularity, be it master chef TV programs or a recipe in a magazine. A career in the Food Industry is a very challenging career as it needs sharp and right perception with exceptional knowledge of culinary and healthy observing capability. Food industry has created a variety of jobs in India, and one of the best is to become a Food Critic.

Chef-Theo-Zaragoza-332x500These are the requirements of a decent food critic, let’s check it out:

Communication skills:

Food critic should be communicative, he should be expressive, and he should be engaging in his writing. His conversation should cover facts about food, decor, service and ambiance. Communication here also means having Shakespearean vocabulary, he should have complete knowledge about the food so that he is able to express more on the cuisine.

Observation skills:

A good observer is the best judge. He should be detailed and should pay attention to every detail. Because a small amount of salt can make or break your cook. Starting from slur on water glass to aroma filling up the dining hall, rising temperatures of wine to cooling creamy ice creams observation will make your decisions firmer, and your views would be accepted.

Knowledgeable Attitude:

There is nothing powerful than knowledge. As a cook critic, you should try new dishes and know the importance of every ingredient, when you will have the knowledge about spices only then you will be able to make new tastes out of it. Different cooking techniques will help you get recognition. A critic’s view should be logical, unless he is aware of the taste he will not be able to write about the dish. So knowledge is important.

Curious Nature:

Curiosity is another factor which determines critic. A curious critic always looks for new taste, new cooking methods, different tips and tricks of cooking. He is always in quest of something new. Curiosity helps is providing refreshing idea, and it is appealing to readers. (more…)