Beer Batter Fish and Chips @ FishBar Boracay

It was my last day and last meal on the island since I had an early afternoon flight back to Manila. After having breakfast in Cafe del Sol, I went back to the hotel to freshen up and to finish packing my belongings as well. I must correct my previous assumption that the majority of restaurants in D’Mall area all offering Pasta, Fried Chicken and Coffee haha. I told myself that I should try something different before I leave the island… and Guess What it was? … Fish and Chips (LOL). It may sound funny but I haven’t tried eating fish and chips yet that’s why I included FishBar in my itinerary.

Beer Batter Fish and Chips Fish Bar Boracay 1
Beer Batter Fish and Chips

It’s not the choice of food to eat while on a calorie-controlled diet or weight watching but since It was my last day… I would rather drop the weight watching thing and enjoy the food instead. (more…)

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