A Cup of Love @ the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

A couple friends and I visited the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee shop down at the A-Venue mall several nights ago. We each purchased drink and a dish to satisfy our cravings. After taking pictures of our soon to be meals in a well lit area, we moved to out preferred seats outside of the coffee shop to give our taste buds a treat.

Roast chicken and mushroom Fusilli Pasta @ The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Roast chicken and mushroom pasta

Shellaise ordered a regular café latte for Php110 which was good, but nothing extraordinary. Lara had the Moroccan Mint Latte priced at Php130. It was tasty and it brought something new to our table. The mint wasn’t overpowering so this managed to provide accommodation for the classic latte taste. My drink was the star of the night, the African Sunrise tea latte which I innovatively tagged as a “cup of love”, a large mug costs Php135. It really is a must to experience the smooth blend of the tea. If it had a look it would be icing on a cake, slick and flowing. If it had a feel it would be the softest cloud in god’s beautiful sky, relaxed and inviting. (more…)

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The Classic Brews of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

In a world where the hierarchy of taste is usually determined by what’s brand new – nothing provides more satisfaction than classic flavors delivered with a distinct twist.

Double Chocolate Ice Blended @ The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Double Chocolate Ice Blended

This is why, nearly 50 years since its inception, the distinct blends, down-home flavors and cozy ambiance continue to remain the main draws for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, who has gone on to indulge the palate of millions across the globe.

As the oldest and largest privately held specialty coffee and tea retailer in the United States, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s commitment to quality is evident with every sip of their finely brewed coffee and tea mixes. (more…)

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Whats best with Coffee goes best with the Tea Latte at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

I’ve been a coffeeholic since i was little and a day will not be complete without a slurp of coffee. I have been consuming too much coffee in my opinion, specially while at work.

African Sunrise Latte
African Sunrise Tea

Two months ago, I was invited to attend the soft launch of African Sunrise from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s famed tea line. Much has been written and said about the amazing health benefits of tea but I’ve pretty much ignored it since the taste of tea isn’t really appealing for me.

Toblerone Cheesecake - The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Toblerone Cheesecake

After tasting the African Sunrise Latte, I realized that it wasn’t so bad after all and tea became an addition to the list of my favorite beverages. African Sunrise comes in three variants – hot, iced and latte. I have tried all three variants and I personally love the African Sunrise Latte from the first sip. (more…)

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