The Travel Whore Fondant Cupcake Collection by Bohemia Cakes and Pastries

It has been my longest dream to become a Pastry Chef, not only to bake sweet pastries but also to learn more recipes and probably publish my own book (dream on). Oh well! I dunno when this dream will come true because I don’t know when and where to enroll and one thing for sure that Pastry Diploma course is so expensive.

Shrimp Plate Cupcake Fondant
Because I love to Eat – Who doesn’t?

Baking may look easy but based on experience, you really have to be careful on preparing the ingredients and of course following the baking procedures. While window shopping in Rockwell last weekend, I saw a kiosk that sells chocolate lava cake, made to order fondant cakes, cookies and biscotti. Immediately after seeing her line of products, the cupcake fondant immediately caught my attention.

Philippine Map Cupcake Fondant
Philippine Map Cupcake Fondant

When it comes to really attractive cupcake designs, I think fondant icing is my personal favourite due to its amazing colors and artistic output. Fondant icing can be tricky though and sometimes the icing has the tendency to sweat, so working at the right temperature is really imperative. Being impressed and knowing the fact that its really hard to make a fondant cupcake, I decided to order 6 travel themed fondant cupcakes with miniature Seair aircraft, Nikon Camera, Jansport Bag, Passport, Shrimp in a Plate and a Map design. (more…)

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