Greek Dinner @ Zuzuni Restaurant

Even before I made my decicion to revisit Boracay for a food trip, Zuzuni is first on my list of restaurants to visit. It may sound Japanese but Zuzuni is actually a Greek word which means “cute little bug” and it is a term of endearment for friends, family and pets just like how Ilonggo people use the word “Pangga”.

Zuzuni Restaurant Greek Pita Pizza with Feta and Olives
Greek Pita Pizza with Feta and Olives

Zuzuni Restaurant is an ideal restaurant for honeymooners since it has a romantic appeal specially if you chose to eat at their alfresco dining right in front of the beach. The restaurant has a neat layout and the interior Décor is cozy, tropical inspired and minimalist. (more…)

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Beef Lasagna with Pesto Sauce Lunch @ Cafe Cristina

Your Boracay travel experience would not be complete without a taste of its culinary offerings. Boracay is a small paradise island where international and fusion cuisines are also served in a lot of restaurants. Each traveler has a huge dining options from fine dining to casual carinderia and there are a lot of restaurants in Boracay that serve Italian, French, Indian, Greek, Morrocan, Arabian, Mexican, American, German, and some Latin American dishes. From Tropical Storm ice cream to almost all international dishes, theres a lot of options for you to choose from.

Beef Lasagna with Pesto Sauce @ Cafe Cristina
Beef Lasagna with Pesto Sauce

It was almost 12 noon when I left Station 168 Internet cafe to look for an interesting place to eat near Boat Station 3. While walking towards Station 3, I saw Cafe Cristina – a fine dining restaurant that offers a delectable menu of Italian and Filipino cuisine. (more…)

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Tropical Storm @ Smokey’s Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe

After having breakfast at Mango-Ray Bar and Restaurant, I headed to D’Mall to check out new restaurants and specialty shops in the area. That was just past 9o’clock but the temperature was already humid so I decided to look for an Ice Cream bar in the area.

Tropical Storm @ Smokey's Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe 1
Boracay’s Tropical Storm

Good thing I found “Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe” which is right in front of the “Ferris Wheel. I ordered their “tropical storm” (Php145.00) which has a combination of Melon and Mango ice cream mixed with tropical fruit cocktail, strawberry syrup and cherry on top. (more…)

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