Delicious Halo Halo with a twist @ Read Bean Halowich Boracay

It’s my second day in Boracay and as you know, I’m not here to party nor to sunbathe but to embarque on a gastronomic adventure in this island paradise. I felt bloated after a huge continental breakfast in Gasthof, it was sunny and since i need to increase my intake of fibrous food, I headed to Halowich for a fruit dessert overload. Halowich opened only last December of 2007 in Boracay’s D’Mall and I first saw this Halo Halo Bar last January 2008 but never made the time to check it out that’s why I made sure to include it in my food tour itinerary this time around.

Green Tea Ice Read Bean Halowich Boracay 2
Green Tea Ice Php140.00

What makes this Halo Halo Snack Bar interesting? Well! aside from cold refreshments, they offer a unique menue of snacks like the flying saucer shaped pie filled with beef and vegetables of your choice and of course the must try Halo Halo sandwich where the word “Halowich” is derived from. (more…)

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Tropical Storm @ Smokey’s Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe

After having breakfast at Mango-Ray Bar and Restaurant, I headed to D’Mall to check out new restaurants and specialty shops in the area. That was just past 9o’clock but the temperature was already humid so I decided to look for an Ice Cream bar in the area.

Tropical Storm @ Smokey's Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe 1
Boracay’s Tropical Storm

Good thing I found “Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe” which is right in front of the “Ferris Wheel. I ordered their “tropical storm” (Php145.00) which has a combination of Melon and Mango ice cream mixed with tropical fruit cocktail, strawberry syrup and cherry on top. (more…)

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