Beer Batter Fish and Chips @ FishBar Boracay

It was my last day and last meal on the island since I had an early afternoon flight back to Manila. After having breakfast in Cafe del Sol, I went back to the hotel to freshen up and to finish packing my belongings as well. I must correct my previous assumption that the majority of restaurants in D’Mall area all offering Pasta, Fried Chicken and Coffee haha. I told myself that I should try something different before I leave the island… and Guess What it was? … Fish and Chips (LOL). It may sound funny but I haven’t tried eating fish and chips yet that’s why I included FishBar in my itinerary.

Beer Batter Fish and Chips Fish Bar Boracay 1
Beer Batter Fish and Chips

It’s not the choice of food to eat while on a calorie-controlled diet or weight watching but since It was my last day… I would rather drop the weight watching thing and enjoy the food instead. (more…)

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Beef Tapa Breakfast @ Cafe Del Sol Boracay

It was a perfect morning, Imagine the sound of the sea waves and the sight of sunrise kissing your window. I woke up early to witness the islands spectacular sunrise and to not miss the best meal of the day.. Yes its time for Breakfast! The sun is barely up and after taking few photos I immediately looked for a place to eat.

Belgian Waffle @ Cafe del Sol Boracay
Belgian Waffle

I just love breakfast and It’s probably my favorite meal of the day when I’m traveling — What more if you are in the paradise island like Boracay? It was my last day on the island and definitely that was my last breakfast unless I’ll jump to another restaurant and pretend that I haven’t had my breakfast yet, Who cares anyway? (LOL) During my 3 days and 2 nights food trip in Boracay, I tried as many early-morning breakfast restaurants as I could manage so it was too bad I can only have one breakfast per day since I’m also cutting down my calorie intake. (more…)

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Kasbah Boracay : My first Moroccan dinner in Boracay

It’s my second night of nothing but pigging out in Boracay. After having delicious Tiger Prawns with Coconut Resotto lunch at Lemoni Cafe, I decided to walk around the white beach area from Station 3 to Station 1 to sweat out and to burn some calories that I gained from two days of food marathon. A photographer’s visit to Boracay is never complete without taking photos of Boracay’s lovely sunset so I passed the time munching on a Chorizo Burger in Station 1 till sundown.

Boracay Sunset 2
Boracay – The best beach in the World

While walking back to Station 2, I passed by Kasbah Restaurant, right next to Discovery Shores. In an attempt to satisfy my curiosity, I walked towards the restaurant to check the Menu and the restaurants ambiance. Upon entering the restaurant, I was welcomed by the restaurants friendly operations manager. I learned that the restaurant was owned by a British national with a Filipina wife who both fell in love with Moroccan Food.

Kasbah means a unique kind of medina, Islamic city, or fortress. A kasbah has high walls which usually have no windows. It is a place where leaders and wealthy people are living. The restaurant just opened last February 24, 2008 and has already been featured on a lot of travel and local inflight magazines.

Kasbah Boracay Seafood Tangine 2
Moroccan Fine Dining in Boracay

The cuisine of Morocco is considered one of the world’s most diverse when it comes to the use of flavors and spices. Since Morocco is blessed with large quantities of sheep, poultry, fish and cattle. Combine this with the extensive use of unique spices makes it much easier to understand the uniqueness of Moroccan dishes. (more…)

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