Coconut Crab “Tatus” Lunch in Sabtang Island, Batanes

Breathtaking Batanes is not only known for its peace-loving people, fresh air and beautiful scenery, this lovely destination can also amaze anyone with its fresh and rare selection of seafoods.

Coconut Crab in Sabtang Batanes
Steamed Coconut Crabs

During our Batanes visit a couple of weeks ago, Sabtang Island tour was part of our second day itinerary. The caretaker of Novita House where we were billeted pretty much prepared everything including our transportation to San Vicente which is the jump-off point to Sabtang Island. (more…)

Lobster Feast in Batanes

After our first day of touring Batan Island, we dropped by the market to buy something to cook for our dinner before heading back to Novita house – our home away from home in Batanes. Who said that our first day of Batanes adventure was over? It was just the beginning of a gastronomic adventure! While frying fish and cooking Pako Saute for our dinner, Tita Remy – the house caretaker arrived with 3 kilos of Lobster that Gail and Eric ordered for their pasalubong. Since we were’t due to fly back home for 3 more days and Gail wanted the lobster fresh when we get back to Manila, everyone decided to have a Lobster feast.

Lobster in Batanes
3 Kilos of Lobster

After boiling the entree with salt and water, it was time to shuck and serve the lobster. It was indeed a Lobster feast, there was alot of quiet intervals during our dinner due to the lobster overload. While the rest are still familiarizing their taste bud with the Pako (Wild Fern) Saute that I introduced them to, I was shucking the remains of what was once a lobster. For me, eating lobster is not a refined pastime specially if the shell is hard but this scary looking sea creature is justified by its delicious flavor. (more…)

Ivatan Food at it’s Best

Our first day in Batanes was sunny and perfect for outdoor activities. After visiting Tukon Radar Station, the multicab driver brought us to Sitio Diura in Mahatao for our Lunch. I was informed by Tita Remy from Novita House that our food will be served in a beach front alfresco cottage in Mahatao for only Php150.00 per head. Ivatan Food may not be as unique as other regional cuisines but you will surely enjoy their food specially when you are eating right in front of the beach.:)

Fried Idek (Blue seachub)
Fried Idek (Blue seachub) – Crispy Fried Idek

The fish was a little bit overcooked but i it was definitely delicious. Idek is one of the most expensive fish in the island since fishing in the Batanes is very much dependent on the weather. Bad weather conditions in the island makes batanes seafoods sometimes a little bit pricey. (more…)