Benguet Blend Coffee @ Tam-awan Village Cafe

Tam-awan Village in Baguio City is not only popular as a cultural hub for the Cordillera people, This place also offers good food and… Flavorful Coffee! Unlike Barako which is also a popular Philippine coffee with a pungent and nutty flavor, Benguet blend has a sweeter aroma and is full-bodied Arabica.

Tam-awan Village Cafe - Tam-awan Salad
Fresh Tam-Awan Salad

Aside from their famous Benguet Blend Coffee, I also ordered Tam-awan Salad P90.00 – a delightful mix of fresh vegetables like Parsley, Carrots, Cucumber, Tomato, Lettuce, Green Bell Pepper, Apple and Basil with Honey Mustard Dressing. (more…)

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