Announcing the Winners of our 2011 Starbucks Planners “My Best Food Shots Photo Contest”

Happy New Year everyone!! I apologize for the delayed announcement of the 2011 Starbucks Planners “My Best Food Shots Photo Contest” winners. I’ve been busy baking Monster Cookies for the whole month of December and I cant find time to announce it but here are the list of winner…

korean side dish
– Korean Side Dishes 168 likes

Name of the photographer: Colwin Tanhehco

Description: If you go to any Korean restaurant, they’ll serve you several 3 to 10 side dishes, including the most famous Korean side dish, kimchi. But of course, there are hundred other types of side dishes, from Glazed potatoes (Gamja Jorim) to Stir-Fried Green Peppers (Gochu Bokkeum). (more…)

Share your Best Food Photos and Get a Chance to Win Starbucks 2011 Planners!!

Are you a Starbucks Planner collector like me? Do you want to win one of the three Philippine Starbucks 2011 Planner?

win starbucks planners
2011 Starbucks Planners

This years version are available in three designs with each cover representing elements found in Philippine Starbucks stores: Maroon Velvet Fabric, Cool Clean Stainless Steel and Stained Dark Wood Panels. (more…)