Creamy Tropical Fruit Salad Recipe

After cooking 6 servings of Pinoy Style Corned Beef Angel Hair Pasta, I realized that a true Pinoy meal will not be complete without a dessert. Since Ive been eating more pasta and less fiber in the past couple of days, I decided to prepare a simple Creamy Fruit Salad for dessert.

Creamy Fruit Salad Recipe
Healthy Pinoy Dessert

I always choose Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail since it has refreshing mix of pineapple, papaya, nata de coco and cherries that adds color in the fruit mix.

Creamy Fruit Salad Recipe
Easy to Prepare Creamy Fruit Salad

Creamy Tropical Fruit Cocktail Recipe

Total Time: (10 MIN) SERVES: ( 6 ) Continue reading Creamy Tropical Fruit Salad Recipe

Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips : A delightful Snack

Tahong is one of Bacoor’s major produce and one of the major sources of income for the town constituents. I first got the chance to taste it last week when we were invited to cover the first Bacood Festival in Bacoor Cavite.

Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips from Bacoor Cavite
Crispy Tahong Chips

I’ve never been a big fan of Tahong (mussels) but after tasting the tahong chips I guess I’m now converted. The popular crispy tahong chips are made of fresh mussels, flour, spices and salt. Tahong Chips taste like real tahong in crunchy chip form and is usually consumed as “pulutan”, snacks, and an excellent alternative for junk foods which kids may enjoy.

Ocean Delight Adobong Tahong
Adobong Tahong

After fixing a huge serving of Digman Original Halo-Halo, we visited the Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips factory to checkout how these chips are made and, of course, to submit to another gustatory experience. Continue reading Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips : A delightful Snack

DeloCrock Gelato Ice Cream at Piazza Pazzu

After attending the Volcom graphic t-shirt design contest launch, held in Good Earth Roast in Rockwell, we headed to Powerplant Mall to meet a fellow blogger for a mini *Plurkfiesta. Upon reaching the mall’s ground level, Jayvee and Phoebe invited us to join them in fulfilling their gelato cravings. Good thing I always have my camera with me so I don’t miss out on serendipitous food angles whenever plates and spoons are all set.

DeloCrock at Piazza Pazzu
Delicrock – Nutella Marble Gelato 120 Php

I ordered Nutella Marble Gelato, while Jayvee, Phoebe, and Eric ordered different flavors. Just like an average food blogger, pointing the lens to the food has become a ritual before spooning the first bite. Gelato ice cream is not widely available in the market and since this frozen delight is not mass produced, you may find it a little bit expensive compared to regular ice cream.

Piazza Pazzu in PowerPlant Mall
Gelato Flavors

According to Wikipedia, Gelato is an Italian ice cream made from a liquid, milk or water; a solid, sugar, fats or sweeteners; flavorings, pastes, fruit powders; stabilizers, guar gum, locust bean, etc.; emulsifiers, mono- and digylcerides; and air. Like high-end ice cream, gelato generally has less than 55% air, resulting in a denser and more flavorful product. Continue reading DeloCrock Gelato Ice Cream at Piazza Pazzu

Globe Lumpia House – The Home of Original Fresh Lumpia

It was a rainy afternoon when I got a craving for “Lumpiang Sariwa” and since I had to print a couple of photos in Hidalgo I took advantage of the opportunity, I grabbed my camera bag and made my way to Quiapo to satisfy my hankering. I didn’t come as a surprised that a hand-full of people were there waiting for their turn to make an order. They ran out of lumpia wrappers and we had to wait for 25 minutes before the line got going again.

Globe Lumpia House - Raon Quiapo
Globe’s Lumpiang Sariwa

After 25 minutes of idly waiting, the waiter served my order, two servings of spicy lumpia… Yummy, It was definitely worth the wait. I immediately left the table after gobbling up my meal as a courtesy to the people looking for an empty table.

Globe Lumpia House - Raon Quiapo
Definitely better than Goldilocks!

It was a couple of years back when I first learned about this Lumpia house while my uncle shared his version of the glory days of Quiapo back in the 60’s. Globe Lumpia House started with a small kiosk inside the Globe Theater where movie-goers were their primary customers. The restaurant still occupies the same spot at the old Globe Theater entrance even though the theater itself has been¬†long gone. Globe Lumpia House is small and can only accommodate 20 people at a time and the star of the menu is Fresh Lumpia, Empanada, bottled water and soft-drinks. Continue reading Globe Lumpia House – The Home of Original Fresh Lumpia

Enjoy The White Hat Frozen Yogurt with Reema Chanco

On September 27, 2008 (Saturday), White Hat Frozen yogurt cravers at the Mall of Asia will get a triple treat. First, upon their purchase they get to enjoy a cup of super delicious and healthy Italian frozen yogurt. Second, they will personally served by celebrity-host, Nike athlete and animal advocate Reema Chanco. And third, their purchase will help support the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

White Hat Reema Chanco
Reema Chanco supports Philippine Animal Welfare Society

Reema Chanco is a familiar face on TV. Aside from being a Nike athlete, she recently hosted the Beijing Olympics coverage on Solar Sports. Reema and her two dogs, Sasha & Sophie, have been supporting PAWS for several years already. Continue reading Enjoy The White Hat Frozen Yogurt with Reema Chanco