Savor the simumot-worthy Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan Suka

Food crazes may come and go, but Pinoys will always go back to the snacks they grew up nibbling. Those tasty and crunchy uniquely Filipino bites are timeless and will never grow old in every food-loving Juan’s palate.

Chik'n Skin
Savor the goodness of chicken skin dipped in vinegar with the new Jack ‘n Jill Chick’n Skin ni Mang Juan

Those who crave for their good old favorites can enjoy Jack ‘n Jill’s latest offering, Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan with Suka flavor. This delectable treat perfectly combines the flavor of popular fried chicken skin and the sour and spicy punch of vinegar. (more…)

Groove to a whole new snacking experience with Jack ‘n Jill Shake and Roll

Earlier, Universal Robina Corporation (URC) introduced another innovative product, Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips Shake and Roll. The first of its kind in the market, Shake and Roll presents a unique way to snack with a two-in-one pack that contains a packet of chips and a separate one for added flavor.

Shake and Roll now in Manila
Shake and Roll now in Manila

Similar to what made Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips popular throughout the years, Jack ‘n Jill Shake and Roll is made from premium grade potatoes that are thinly sliced for that ultimate golden, crisped chip experience in every bite. The lightly seasoned chips are made even better with Japanese-inspired seasonings included inside each pack, offering more fun as snack-lovers flavor their own potato chips. (more…)

Max’s Corner Bakery’s Ensaimadas make Max’s Merienda Mixes More Special

Max’s Restaurant and its bakeshop brand Max’s Corner bakery have whipped up the most and delectable for all Filipinos for their merienda treats.

Among the many treats that Max’s Corner Bakery offers are the cake rolls, cheese rolls, and the quintessential Filipino merienda pastry, Ensaimada. A household merienda staple, Ensaimada has become a Filipino favorite. The soft and fluffy ensaimada has found a niche in the merienda habits of Filipinos throughout the years. Merienda lovers young and old have enjoyed the sweet and light pastry for many years now. The simple yet very delectable sugary treat evokes a certain sense of nostalgia and comfort with every bite. And with Max’s Corner Bakery’s new take on this wonderful treat, everyone will sure ask for more. (more…)

Where to buy Christmas Cookies?

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas holiday gift? Noel Christmas Cookies from Colombia may be your best choice as a personal gift or corporate giveaway.

Noel Small Octagonal
Noel Small Octagonal

Manufactured by Compania de Galletas Noel SAS (from Colombia’s biggest food company), Noel Christmas Cookies come in various flavours and festive containers. It is made with the finest ingredients and the same dedication that has made the brand a standout since 1916. Choose from assorted cookies in Happy Holiday Box, Noche Buena Box, Small Octagonal Tin, Large Octagonal Tin, Oval Tin and Square Tin. (more…)

Deluxe Big Mouth Burgers only at Chili’s

I was not able to join fellow bloggers in the most recent food tasting event hosted by Chili’s but good thing KanKan gave a GC for me to tryout Chili’s Deluxe Big Mouth Burgers. I love burgers! In fact I’ve been burger hopping for quite sometime now.

Deluxe Big Mouth Burgers
Deluxe Big Mouth Burgers

What makes a Perfect Burger? Everyone thinks that a burger is delicious when there’s melted cheese on its top but you must agree, its not just all about the cheese. Its hard to come up with a perfect burger recipe but I think a good burger has good sauce, juicy patty, fresh vegetables and freshly baked burger bun. (more…)

Get Dunked with OREO in these selected Malls

If you are looking for something beyond the ordinary to do from late August through October, why don’t you just get dunked with OREO at these selected malls. The whole world loves OREO cookies and now is your chance to either be one or watch as others become OREOs. Everyone knows that an OREO is two chocolate cookies filled with a delicious white, creamy filling. The best way to eat an OREO is to twist the cookies apart, lick the creamy filling, and then dunk it into a glass of ice cold milk.

Get Dunked with OREO

It’s the dunking that will be the highlight at these fun filled mall events! The “OREO Get Dunked” velcro wall is the chance to put on an OREO cookie suit and dunk yourself against the wall! A special feature at these malls will be special parent-child tandem suits for a very strong bonding leap of faith! (more…)

Heart Warmers : Singapore’s Hot Desserts

Text and Photos by : Leona Nepomuceno

After enjoying the cool desserts and snacks around the Bedok Hawkers Center, I cannot resist trying out their warm to hot counterparts pictured in the backlighted menu of a vegetarian stall. It reminded me of my favorite comfort food, “guinataan halo-halo” and the rest of its variants like bilo-bilo ( sticky rice balls) mais (sweet corn), and munggo(green or red bean). Most of the items in the menu are too exotic for my taste. Can you imagine snacking on “ papaya fungal “ and “Red date fungi”?

Singapore's Hot Desserts

From the menu, I chose a mono-colored warm soup in black, the sesame paste. I was imagining the scent of toasted and crushed sesame seeds , nutty and buttery. (more…)