The White Rabbit Restaurant Singapore

It was part of my stress relief trip to visit this popular Singapore restaurant called “The White Rabit”. Apart from the reason that its included in our itinerary, I became interested to visit this restaurant after reading some good reviews about their food and service.

prawn salad
The White Rabit Singapore

Good thing we have Wilson Wong, our knowledgeable and hospitable tour guide that lead us to the restaurant and helped us start rediscovering Singapore’s rich culinary tradition. (more…)

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Tuna Maki Sandwich Recipe

It was exactly a week ago when we attended the Century Corned Tuna Bloggers Cook-Off at The Stock Market in Bonifacio High Street.

easy to prepare tuna recipe
Tuna Maki Sandwich Recipe

I realized that I have a huge stock of canned tuna’s in my kitchen so I decided to prepare a simple yet enjoyable appetizer that is not only easy to prepare… Its also healthy:) (more…)

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Paella Marinara Lunch Buffet @ Dos Mestizos Boracay

Day 3 in the beautiful Island of Boracay : Its still windy and yes my stomach is still acting up but diarrhea cant stop my food hunt. After a short stop in the nearest Internet cafe, Nina and I walked towards Station 3 to tryout the Paella Buffet lunch at Dos Meztisos.

Paella Marinara @ Dos Mestizos Boracay
Paella Marinara Bueffet P250

We ordered Callos and Paella Buffet Lunch which can be availed for only P250 per plate. (more…)

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San Marino Chili Corned Tuna

Ive been busy baking cookies for the past couple of days and here I am trying to catch up with my super late blog posts. Anyway, I was privileged to be invited in the bloggers launch of San Marino Corned Tuna a couple of weeks back.

Spicy San Marino Corned Tuna
Spicy San Marino Corned Tuna

This newest product of CDO seeks to provide consumers with a better and healthy alternative to existing products of its kind while at the same time preserving the natural goodness of tuna that we have enjoyed through the years. (more…)

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Seafood Curry Laksa @ Wild Ginger Rockwell

“Sir do you want it Spicy or Mild?” waiter asked.. I just smiled and answered “You know the answer do you?” The waiter just nod and walk away since he knows that each time I dine in the restaurant, I always look for something spicy.

laksa recipe
Seafood Curry Laksa

I ordered Seafood Curry Laksa since Ive been craving for one for a week now. In just a couple of minutes, Jessica arrived and ordered the same.. Oh Its been raining the whole week so I guess all Laksa fans are craving for it:) (more…)

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Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant SM Megamall

While waiting for the fellow bloggers for Blog and Soul’sfirst few series of Podcasts, we first had our dinner @ Bigby’s in SM Megamall. I was not able to join the rest of the food bloggers when the restaurant’s PR invited us for food tasting but I got the chance to try out their food offerings when we visited Cagayan de Oro a couple of months back.

Ticky Wack Chix Salad @ Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant
Ticky Wack Chix Salad P285.00

The restaurants interior is Travel themed and I really like it for obvious reasons (LOL). Picture travel magazine pages used on their ceiling and some interesting souvenir items from international destinations displayed on their walls, I can say that this restaurant is one of the best designed food chain restaurant in town. (more…)

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Sizzling Bangus Belly Steak Recipe

Bangus or Milkfish is my favorite fish whether its cooked as sinigang, fried or steak.. Earlier, I was looking for chocolate chips that I will be using for my cookies when I suddenly saw a pack of bangus belly on one shoppers cart.. What did I do? I dunno I just left the “Chocolate Area” to look for that particular pack of Bangus Belly Fillet.

sizzling bangus belly
Bangus Steak in Sizzling Plate

If you want the best tasting boneless bangus, make sure to buy the Saranggani or Dagupan produced and always check the expiry date:) (more…)

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