Pocket-friendly Japanese dishes for the hardworking yuppie

For hardworking yuppies who have triumphed over a long and tiring day at work, indulging in great-tasting Japanese fare may just be the best reward.

Ebi Bacon Maki
Ebi Bacon Maki

With its pocket-friendly signature dishes, Tempura Japanese Grill (TJG) offers professionals the perfect place to wind down and satisfy their appetite for delicious Japanese food. (more…)

No fuss, just fun cooking with Tefal at Nomama Ramen

Earlier, I was invited to attend a Japanese Cooking Demo at Nomama Ramen in Quezon City. The cooking demo was made possible by Tefal Sensorielle Collection and the Japanese cooking expertise of Chef Him Uy de Baron.

nomama chef
Chef Him Uy de Baron

Some of us are afraid of cooking due to bad experiences we had like deep-frying disasters that we use to experience whenever we are frying chicken etc. Tefal invited some members of the traditional media and new media to experience No Fuss and just fun cooking with the use of Tefal’s newest line of cookware that promises efficiency, practicality and modernity to anyone’s kitchen. (more…)

Jipan Bakeshop’s Wafu Hamburger Roll with Potato

Even before BreadTalk arrived in the Philippines, Jipan has been my favorite bakeshop in Glorietta. I really don’t know what makes Japanese baking different from the traditional way but Jipan made me think that there’s something special in Japanese way of making bread and pastries.

Wafu Hamburger Roll with Potato
Wafu Hamburger Roll with Potato P60

The restaurant is not that big, in fact there are only four tables inside the bakeshop but they have available tables outside. They also serve short order meals and mostly are Japanese but you may want to try their breads and pastries because they are really really really good. (more…)

Gomuko Ramen @ Sakura

Healthy lifestyle is so hard to maintain, achieve and most of the time its also expensive:) I went to Mall of Asia a couple of days ago to have my first day of workout in Fitness First. With literally empty stomach, I decided to look for a Japanese restaurant. Luckily I found Sakura, I immediately requested for the menu card and since Its raining I ordered Gomuko Ramen, California Temaki and Japanese green tea.

Gomuko Ramen
Gomuko Ramen P258

Gomuko Ramen is a huge bowl of hot egg noodle soup with cabbage and assorted seafoods. The ramen’s broth is hot and tasty but it doesn’t have enough seafood in it but i love the fresh vegetables in the soup though. (more…)

Chestnut Waffle Breakfast @ UCC Cafe Terrace in Trinoma

Since I dont really have time to cook everyday, I normally hunt for breakfast in any Mall within Manila but I always frequent to Trinoma Mall since they have a lot of food choices. Heres my breakfast couple of days ago…

Chestnut Waffle Breakfast
Chestnut Waffle P255

UCC brewed coffee
UCC Coffee – Included in the breakfast meal

I forgot to tell you that their Coffee always makes me smile:)

UCC Cafe Terrace
Lobby Level Trinoma Mall Edsa
Cor North Avenue Quezon City
Operated by Coffee Brewmasters Inc.
Tel : (632) 900-6581

Asupara Bacon Maki @ Teriyaki Boy

Food taste, recipe and presentation really depends on the foods country of origin but thanks to the wonders of Travel because without it, spices and recipes will not be explored, shared and combined with different culinary traditions.

Asupara Maki
Asupara Bacon Maki P165

We call it fusion cuisine, it generally refers to the innovations in many contemporary restaurant cuisines which started in the 70’s. One good example is Teriyaki Boy’s Asupara Bacon Maki – It’s a popular modern Japanese dish made of fresh asparagus spears wrapped in honey glazed bacon strips. (more…)

Seafood Omurice @ UCC Cafe Terrace in Trinoma

After visiting MV Doulos in Port area Manila, Nina and I headed to Trinoma to have lunch. We chose between Toast Box or UCC but I guess we love UCC more than the other lol. Nina recommended the Omurice since it’s one of her favorite dish in UCC menu. I finally ordered Seafood Omurice while Nina ordered her favorite Chicken Omurice.

UCC Seafood Omurice
Seafood Omurice P385

A bowl of rice with vegetable, meat or fish combined with pickles and soup is a typical Japanese set meal. I just discovered a new way of enjoying rice meals after tasting UCC’s Omurice. Omurice means “omelet and rice” in Japanese language, It is a popular dish in Japan which is made from fried rice wrapped by omelet. (more…)