Basic Food Photography Tips for Food Bloggers

Food Photos by Melo Villareal

Lots of people love food and more and more foodies are now starting their own food blogs because they think “Hey, I love food… I know something about it and I want to share my recipes.” And yet, when you look around – how many food blogs do you see that are really, really good! Not a lot, right?

Strawberry Crepe from Sagada
Strawberry Crepe from Sagada

In my opinion the reason for that is that even if people know great food and have great things to write about food, most start up food bloggers have no idea just how important food photography is and even if they do understand the importance, they may not have the techniques or skills to make their blog posts look delicious. Keep in mind that Food photography really is the key. (more…)

Food Styling at The Maya Kitchen

It was a unique lecture and demonstration that well known food stylist Chef Theo Zaragoza shared with students and the media recently at The Maya Kitchen. The event started with a very informative talk which touched on the whys and hows of food styling.
According to Chef Theo, food styling is the art of bringing food to life, of preserving the natural appeal of food to ensure that it looks its best in front of the camera.

Chef Theo Zaragoza

The chef also differentiated between food styling and food presentation. Whereas food presentation requires that hot food is served hot and cold food is served cold, food styling, in most instances, require room temperature. (more…)

OCEANA : Manila’s Newest Restaurant and Culinary School by the Bay

CCA, Manila, “Philippines top culinary school” unveils first restaurant-school; bringing to the country the next wave in culinary arts.

Tamarind Spice Crab

A splendid celebration of local seafood cuisine and Filipino expertise will highlight the opening of Oceana, the CCA, Manila Restaurant School and Events Place. This is the first restaurant-school of the country’s top culinary school, the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA), Manila. (more…)