Interesting Facts about Philippine Cuisine

Essay on Interesting Facts about Philippine Cuisine

The name of this country is coming from King Philip the second of Spain and it is an attempt to honor that King. The name of this country was previously the Philippine Islands. This Republic actually consists of over 7500 islands which covers a total area of almost 112 mi.² and it is located on the Pacific Rim of Southeast Asia.

Pagudpud Beach Philippines

Pagudpud Beach Philippines

A large number of the islets is not inhabited but the largest island which is named Luzon is situated in the north and half of the population is living here. The second largest island is Mindanao which is located in the South. The Philippines cover a lot of sea because from that tip of the most southern island to the tip of the most northern island is a distance of over 1100 mi. it is almost 700 miles wide and there is no actual land boundaries because on the Westside is the South China Sea and on the east side is the Philippine Sea while the Celebes sea is in the South and the Luzon Strait is in the north which separates the company from Taiwan which is its closest neighbor. Its southern neighbors is Indonesia and Malaysia.

A volcanic region

Most of the islands in the Philippines are of volcanic origin. In 2000 Mount Mayon which is situated in the South of Luzon has interrupted quite spectacularly. A couple of years before that Mount Pinatubo in central Luzon had its turn in two subsequent years 1991 and 1992. Volcanic eruptions can be very destructive and this is why several villages and farms has been destroyed and this has resulted in a situation where thousands of people could no longer remain in their tribal homelands. There is a strong Spanish influence in the Philippines and this can be seen especially in the architecture. Many of the brick churches are of Spanish origin and many of them have been constructed during the colonial era when this area was dominated by Spain. There are some experts in the construction industry who are still finding it difficult to work out how 17th century people have managed to build those churches.

Popular foods in the Philippines

Rice is a very important staple food in the Philippines and without it no meal is complete. Mostly the rice is steamed which would then form the central part of the Philippine diet. In order to provide in the needs of the population it is necessary to harvest the crops at least three times a year.

Garlic Prawns

Garlic Prawns

The government ensures that enough surplus rice is kept to make provision in times of drought. Various kinds of fish is eaten daily, both freshwater and also saltwater variations. Besides fish, pork and chicken is also eaten but over the last couple of years people has become significantly more health conscious and different methods of food preparation is now used.

Garlic is a popular additive to many food types in the Philippines because it is considered to be healthy. Most types of food in the Philippines is not spicy and most of the preparation is taking place on gas burners but alternatively charcoal or wood fires is also used. Another habit of the Philippines is to allow food to cool before it is eaten. In most circumstances the rice will be cooked first because it requires the longest time to be cooked but once it is ready it will be placed on the table and then the people will proceed with the other items which is included in that meal.

Cutlery in the Philippines

Contrary to the habits in other nations people of the Philippines do not use table knives but they are entirely content with forks and spoons while eating. There is also the other more traditional method of eating where the food is placed on a banana leaf and it is then eaten with the hands. The habit of eating with the hands is totally acceptable even in restaurants. Most households in the Philippines will have an early breakfast at 6 AM and at this time the food which is eaten will be mostly leftovers from the previous day. Such food is eaten cold but sometimes sausages and eggs may be served on special occasions. There are also some vendors in the Philippines who will sell small buns especially in the early morning.

Other eating times

People in the Philippines also eat in the midmorning and also in the afternoon. They are particularly fond of sweet foods and there is also their own mixture of instant coffee to which sugar is added and also evaporated milk. There is one very popular soft drink in the Philippines and that is Coca-Cola.

Grilled Seafood and Steamed Crabs

Grilled Seafood and Steamed Crabs

Other food sources which is popular is noodles, doughnuts and sweet rolls. Under most conditions the Lunch time meal will be a relatively light and mostly rice is served with one other additional dish which may be either stew or some kind of fish. Dinnertime is mostly a more elaborate affair and then there may be pork on the table or chicken and even fish and a kind of lentils soup is also popular. This soup is also sometimes made of vegetables. Especially Fatty pork is a favorite among people of the Philippines. There are many types of fruit available all through the year which ensures a healthy source of vitamins for all people living in the Philippines.

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Pinoy Cravings and Holiday Ham Christmas Greetings

We had our own share of Stress and Happiness for the whole year of 2011. This Christmas, celebrate simple joys with your family. Simple family dinner with your favorite christmas food like Queso de Bola, Lumpia, Spaghetti, Caldereta and the Star of Noche Buena – Holiday Christmas Ham will make your Noche Buena truly unforgettable.

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Bricklayers, Old Ladies, and Panaderia de Molo

The Molo district is filled with interesting sites and wonderful places to eat. Filipino’s have definitely figured out the right way to make life satisfying. Beautiful scenery and incredible foods, thats what Iloilo is all about.

Butterscotch at Panaderia de Molo
Butterscotch at Panaderia de Molo

One of my favorite discoveries is Panaderia de Molo. While it is a bakeshop, it’s more than that too. It was started by five old ladies in the 1800’s who saw that masons were using eggwhites to cement bricks together and decided to make cookies from the yolks. While there is something Spanish about the cookies, which no doubt have a connection to recipes that came with Spanish Colonization, Panaderia de Molo is a truly Philippine institution. In fact, more than that it is an Ilongo tradition. (more…)

Hot and Spicy Shrimp in Tomato Recipe

After having Maya Hotcake breakfast, I spent the rest of the morning reading recipe books and food magazines. I’m planning to cut down eating meat and processed food and instead eat veggies, seafood and fruits – healthy diet yeah? While browsing an old cookbook, I saw an easy to prepare hot and spicy recipe for shrimp.

Hot and Spicy Shrimp in Tomatoes
Hot and Spicy Shrimp in Tomato

Whats happened? I asked our helper to go to the nearest supermarket to buy fresh medium size prawns and fresh tomatoes since I have the rest of the ingredients in my cabinet. (more…)

Smoked Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

Lumpia is one of the great thing Chinese immigrants has taught us, it is also similar to fresh popiah or fried spring rolls popular in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Smoked Lumpiang Shanghai
Smoked Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpia wether fresh of fried, became part of Pinoy’s Fiesta Plate in local and international Pinoy gatherings. Heres one other way of preparing Lumpiang Shanghai – the Heinz way!! (more…)

Juicy Pork Chop Inihaw Recipe

We all love pork and you will probably find it in each filipino table as part of the main dish. Apart from Adobo, Inihaw or Sugba in the Visayas is one of the most favorite ways to cook pork by Pinoys. All you need is pork, marinade, charcoal and pure love:) Heres one of most loved ways to prepare your Pork Inihaw :

Juicy Pork Chop Inihaw
Juicy Pork Chop Inihaw

Preparation time: 1 hour; Cooking time:15 minutes; Serves: 5 (more…)