Haunted Cake Recipe

If you want your Halloween Party even more creepy but truly enjoyable. You may think that preparing Halloween themed foods is hard and might used up your time and effort. Think again, You can actually bake your favorite cake recipe and just simply put some dark colorings and beautifully designed fondant to make it more attractive.

haunted cake recipe
Haunted Cake

Look at this round chocolate cake ringed by fondant-covered ghouls cookies with open mouth shriek and haunting eyes. You can easily bake one by following this simple recipe : (more…)

Mummy Waffle on Sticks

Still looking for interesting recipes for your Kiddie Halloween Party? Make your ordinary Hotdog more appealing by decorating it with simple but attractive Halloween themed design.

Mummy Waffle on Sticks
Mummy Waffle on Sticks

Checkout this Hotdog waffles dipped in rich chocolate syrup and rolled in chocolate crumbs. To make it bloody attractive, put colored sweet gums and devil eyes. (more…)

Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes Recipe

This Halloween, let out a scream for wickedly tasty goods especially created by The Maya Kitchen. Are you looking for great recipes for your upcoming Holloween Party?

halloween cupcake recipes
Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes Recipe

Try these Chocolate cupcakes with bright orange icing and topped with melted chocolate webs and hair-raising spiders. (more…)

Cookies means Christmas!!

So, what’s Christmas mean to you? Fruit Cake maybe? Or Food for the Gods? Christmas season is probably the busiest for me, Why? Coz I am literally baking the whole time to complete orders from Corporate clients and for Parvati – the only Mall based store where my Monster Cookies are now available!

bestselling cookies in Parvati
Monster Cookies by PinoyCravings

If you are someone close to my heart, you have probably tasted my cookies already. I used to bake cookies as a Christmas Present, Birthday gifts, Client giveaways or just when i feel bringing a cookie jar during tea sessions with friends, but now, Cookies is now my bread and butter:)  (more…)

Bricklayers, Old Ladies, and Panaderia de Molo

The Molo district is filled with interesting sites and wonderful places to eat. Filipino’s have definitely figured out the right way to make life satisfying. Beautiful scenery and incredible foods, thats what Iloilo is all about.

Butterscotch at Panaderia de Molo
Butterscotch at Panaderia de Molo

One of my favorite discoveries is Panaderia de Molo. While it is a bakeshop, it’s more than that too. It was started by five old ladies in the 1800’s who saw that masons were using eggwhites to cement bricks together and decided to make cookies from the yolks. While there is something Spanish about the cookies, which no doubt have a connection to recipes that came with Spanish Colonization, Panaderia de Molo is a truly Philippine institution. In fact, more than that it is an Ilongo tradition. (more…)

Panna Cotta Recipe

Panna Cotta means cooked cream and comes originally from the Northern Italian region of Piedmont. This delicious dessert is very easy to prepare at home because it only requires the minimum of equipment and it does not require oven. Heres a quick and easy to follow recipe of Panna Cotta :

Panna Cotta
Panna Cotta Recipe


  • 18.5  g           whipping cream
  • 18.4  g           milk, full cream
  • 1.9  g              unflavored gelatin
  • 1.7  g              white sugar (more…)

Decadent Chocolate Rum Cake Recipe

During the Cooking Demo at The Maya Kitchen last Saturday, Chef Kittin Constantino demonstrated the procedures of baking one of her favorite holiday dessert – Decadent Chocolate Rum Cake. Rum Cake is also one of my favorite cakes ( Rum Cake with Dates, Chocolate Rum Cake) coz it can stay longer because of the wine content. It also has a lot of variations and its easy to bake:)

recipe Decadent Chocolate Rum Cake
Decadent Chocolate Rum Cake

Some experts traced that the origin of Rum Cake is the Caribbean in which the cake serves as a Christmas Dessert. The traditional Rum Cake has fruits in it which makes it similar to fruitcake but with a lighter texture. (more…)