Savor breakfast anytime of the day with FlapJacks’ old and new dishes

Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of the day. And for most of us, whether sweet or savoury, breakfast is our go-to comfort food. And regardless of the time of the day, we find ourselves craving for fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, and creamy eggs. The good thing is, there is a dining place especially crafted to indulge our breakfast cravings.


Named after the American way of making pancakes, Flapjacks caters to all our breakfast cravings, morning, noon, and night. With satisfying food and interiors that are sure to brighten your day, this home-grown concept from The Bistro Group is a sure-fire way to keep you sunny and happy. (more…)

Online Contest : Making Mother’s Day MoMo-licious!

If anyone is worthy of a lovely treat and a big thank you, it’s your mom.

As MoMo Café continues to create a feel of comfort and convenience to its customers, the chicly-designed restaurant offers a variety of delectable dishes in time for a perfect Mother’s Day indulgence, complementing the warmth and delight inherent in every mom.

Pancakes and Bacon
Pancakes and Bacon

Put together the finest ingredients and commitment to quality, their string of offerings highlights home-cooked takes on gourmet favorites. MoMo Café has put together a P395 set menu to bring moms that flavorful dining experience. Start the feast with a garnished bowl of greens made fresh with sliced oranges that is The MoMo! Gourmet. Liven up your taste buds with the Crispy “Nacho Style” Jalapeño Cheddarella Cheese Rolls, which are a tangy mix of chili beef and beans, sour cream and salsa fresca. Then, as a highlight of the celebration, there is the Slow Roasted Herb U.S. Roast Beef Fingers in creamy au jus, and a generous serving of mashed potatoes and onion rings. (more…)

Krispy Kreme’s New Glaze for Caramel Aficionados

Prepare for a different kind of glaze as Krispy Kreme introduces the newest addition to its line of delectable offerings- the new Caramel Glazed Doughnuts.

Caramel Glazed Doughnuts krispy kremeImagine Krispy Kreme’s freshly-baked melt-in-your-mouth ring doughnuts dressed in a delightfully rich caramel glaze and drizzled with a perfectly crafted caramel syrup- a doughnut befitting of a crown.

Hitting stores starting November 15, 2011, Krispy Kreme’s Caramel Glazed Doughnuts are expected to enjoy the same kind of success the brand had with its Original Glazed doughnuts.

Grab a box of Caramel Glazed Doughnuts from the nearest Krispy Kreme outlet and start sharing with friends as soon as it hits stores.

Congratulations!!! Your Jollibee Breakfast is coming:)

Two weeks ago, we asked you to share your thoughts on how to get your morning right:) I really apologize for the delay in the announcement of the winners, we’ve been busy meeting with other sponsors for our future giveaways:)

jollibee breakfast treats

Congratulations Mel, Filamay Asturias Beboso and Flor Javier for winning our Jollibee Breakfast Treat + gift certificate. You can now treat 5 of their family or friends to a Jollibee Breakfast Joys meals. Here are the winning comments picked randomly by our friends and Pinoy Food Cravings. (more…)

Foodie Contest : Start your day great with new Jollibee Breakfast Joys

I must admit, Jollibee is my favorite breakfast place. I know, a lot of people might be surprised at that because everyone thinks that I always cook my breakfast everyday. But come on, I go home from the office when everyone are just waking up so I’d rather spend my mornings in Jollibee to save more time.

Chicken Sausages with 2-piece Pancakes
Chicken Sausages with 2-piece Pancakes – Php 52.00

Cooking breakfast and starting the day at home is so ideal but that’s not always easy to do and for some reason, I think rushing out the door with toast in your hand isn’t exactly the key to a healthier lifestyle. (more…)

Maya’s Fluffyn’ Tasty Hotcake for Breakfast

It’s 9:20am, exactly 12 hours from the last time I ate… starving and not in the mood for walking around Dapitan to look for something to munch on. I decided to open my cabinet and search for something to cook. Naah I have some other things to do so I will not cook but when I saw the Maya Pancake Mix, I said.. Yup I will cook, It not gonna take time anyway… so here’s my breakfast earlier… Loooook!!!

Maya Pancake
Maya Get Set Go!!!

Maya Hotcake Mix is available in almost any grocery store.. Buy now! Its good to have stock for emergencies and for ….. Breakfast:)

Sharing the recipe Maya Pancake recipe here : (more…)