The Best Cakes From Around The World!

Baking cakes is one of the UK’s favourite pastimes, and with the popularity of cooking and confectionary television shows going through the roof, everyone is trying to make their own cake…and eat it too! There’s no doubt that the art of cake making is a very skilled and delicate process, and most chefs have trained for years to be able to show off their creations in luxury restaurants and hotels.

Gateau de Rois photo by Wikipedia
Gateau de Rois

There’s a small army of underground cake bakers growing however, amateur but dedicated, and they’re bringing cake baking back home to where it first started. This quiet revolution as seen cake materials sales soar, so if you’re thinking about making a sweet creation and don’t know where to start, here’s some of the country’s favourites to give you some inspiration!

Gateau de Rois

Gateau is the French word for cake, and this tasty treat isn’t just for birthdays either. Gateau de Rois was the staple cake used to celebrate the Christian holiday of Epiphany, and although recipes can vary, most use choux pastry with a meringue or sponge cake full, complete with fruit and cream. Gateau is a very traditional confectionary in France, and the cake itself was actually only half the treat. Historically, bakers would place hidden sweets or small toys inside the gateau, and it would be a symbol of good luck if you found one in your slice!

Pastel de Tres Leches

This is a Mexican cake with a base made of sponge, using three different kinds of milk! This is also a very sweet and rich cake, so when serving, slices are small and compact. Offering a wet and dense consistency, you can really get creative with Pastel de Tres Leches, replacing the milks with everything from eggnog to ice cream. The origin of this cake has been widely debated, with Mexico, Panama, Cuba and Costa Rica all laying claim to its creation.

Angel Food Cake

Popular in the UK as well as the US, Angel Food Cake is a divine sponge creation with a light to medium consistency. This treat has been around since the early 19th century, and it was originally fashioned by using up the remaining egg whites that were left over from excess recipes! Additionally, the Dutch can be thanked for the distinctive hole in the middle of an Angel Cake, as their pans and moulds were far more innovative than any other nation at the time. For more information on how to make the perfect Angel Cake, visit MakeBake.

The Strudel

German by name and German by nature, this ‘cake’ could be used as a main meal as well as a desert! Shaped into a long roll using high-gluten flower, this is a very traditional and historic sweet, popular with farmers in the 17th century. If you’re looking to bake it as a main meal course, then ingredients such as sauerkraut and spinach are recommended. If you want to bake it as a desert however, the dough should be layered with frutie filling and topped with icing.

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