Ten Reasons You Can’t Miss MarQuee Mall’s Big Bite

Every foodie will have to mark their calendars for “Big Bite!  The Northern Food Festival” from October 18-20 at MarQuee Park, Angeles City, Pampanga.  Get your gang ready, grab a date, bring the whole family along or have the office sign up for a road trip.


Big Bite! is the glorious Filipino food celebration that promises to surpass all food fests before it.  And here are the reasons why:

  1. It’s the largest Northern Food Festival ever.  – There are over 100 food stalls offering everything from fresh produce, cooked food and baked treats.  From the traditional to the unusual, dishes here cover every taste, every meal and then some.
  2.  It’s a food fiesta of regional cuisines in one location.  – Aside from Pampanga, participants representing Bulacan, Ilocos, Baguio, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Zambales, Bataan, Pangasinan, Cagayan and La Union are bringing in regional favorites for this food-packed market.
  3. It’s at the Philippines’ culinary center. – The Kapampangan can give a number of reasons why their province has been called the capital of the Filipino taste bud.  Here’s a chance to discover this fact yourselves.  Whether it’s because of the popularity of specialties like sisig, longganisa or tocino, or the Kapampangan’s much talked about kitchen prowess, or the wide variety of restaurants and eateries in this thriving province, Big Bite! is the festival that will set you straight on where to go for the best of Northern cuisine.  Some of Pampanga’s famous participating food brands are Nathaniel’s, Kabigting’s Halo-Halo, Apag Marangle, Pampanga’s Best and Susie’s Cuisine.
  4. It’s at MarQuee Mall. – The “it” place to be for shopping, dining and entertainment is just a quick turn from the North Luzon Expressway in Angeles City, Pampanga.  Opened since 2009, MarQuee Mall is everybody’s favorite gathering place and easily accessible from Manila and other points of Luzon through NLEX.
  5. Food legends will take the stage. – Chef Rolando Laudico, Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition’s famous judge, has had diners gushing over Bistro Filipino’s traditional and modern Filipino cuisine.  Chef Sau del Rosario, a proud son of Pampanga, has had Pinoys salivating since creating a unique decadent flavor for an ice cream line.  Sabrina Artadi, beauty queen and star of TV’s Sabrina’s Kitchen, keeps it real and tasty on her show, now on its third season on Asian Food Channel.  Mrs. Lillian Borromeo of the famous Kusina ni Atching Lillian, has been wowing visitors with authentic Kapampangan cuisine since she opened her ancestral home to visitors in the 1990s.  These are just some of the icons who will heat up the stage in live cooking demos during the festival.
  6. Big Banquet – So you’ve taken your fill, shopped for foodie pasalubong, and taken in the sights, smells, tastes and sounds of the festival.  But there is more to enjoy for every visitor with a P500 receipt from MarQuee Mall.  Every day from 6:00-8:00PM, the P500 receipt entitles you to some delectable treats in a wide selection of stalls across the festival.  Get a free sample here and there to get more from Big Bite!.
  7. Cheer on your favorite culinary school. – From the classroom to the kitchen, it’s a battle royale among culinary schools in Big Bite!.  Philippine Women’s University, System’s Plus College, Angeles University Foundation,  NorthPoint Culinary Academy and Bulacan State University will go head to head in an unforgettable cooking competition every day from 3:00-5:00PM.   In three days of competition, find out which school will be crowned the first Big Bite! Culinary Cook Off champion.
  8. Sharing heirloom recipes. –  Your grandparents’ classic recipes may just be on tomorrow’s favorite plate.  Kitchen enthusiasts can share their treasured recipes handed down from generations for everyone to try.  Learn the special strokes, spices and techniques that can turn the old dish to something truly memorable.  The best recipe will win P20,000!
  9. Eating contests! – What would a food festival be without a food eating contest?  Think you can finish off, say, a bilao of kakanin?   How many large glasses of halo-halo without getting brain freeze?  Big eaters are welcome and wanted at Big Bite!.
  10. Live entertainment – Good food and great entertainment go together.  Big Bite! features nightly music from live bands.  Enjoy a stroll around the food market or have a seat and dine to the sounds of your favorite tunes.

MarQuee Mall’s Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival is staged in partnership with the Department of Tourism, Department of Trade and Industry, Manila North Tollways Corporation, Asian Food Channel, Cignal Digital TV, and Mercato Centrale Group.

For further details and inquiries, please call +639177527071 or email:  bigbiteMarQuee@gmail.com.  Like and follow MarQuee Mall’s social networking sites:facebook.com/MarQueeMall, @MarQueetweets, and instagram: @iloveMarQueemall.

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