Review of Casino Restaurants in Las Vegas

If you ever go to Las Vegas, it’s not just the gambling and entertainment you will go away raving about-it’s also the restaurants, and there is such a vast array to choose from, you will truly be spoilt. After you have chosen one of the casino resorts to spend some time in, you won’t have to go far. Each casino resort houses so many restaurants, you never have to walk far before you hit one.

Nobu restaurant and lounge
Nobu restaurant and lounge

At Caesars palace Las Vegas there are 14 different restaurants of all different cuisines including Rao’s which is an Italian restaurant. This restaurant is also in New York, but inside Caesars palace, you can expect just as much authenticity as you will find in the iconic original New York restaurant. With ingredients like peppers and cheese imported from Italy, this is truly a mouth-watering Italian experience. The original restaurant only has ten seats so it is notoriously hard to get a reservation there which is what makes this Las Vegas offering so intriguing and worth a visit.

Also at Caesars Palace, after a few games of blackjack and Poker, you might find yourself looking for somewhere to eat dinner. Well if you’re looking for upscale, you will find Nobu. The Nobu restaurant and lounge is no less than 11,200 square feet within the first ever Nobu Hotel. It has a sushi bar, private dining, and a bar which has 327 seats. At Nobu restaurant you will find all the signature dishes that you will find in other Nobu’s around the world, plus lots different dishes that you will not have seen elsewhere. It is a beautifully designed restaurant and has jellyfish paper lamps hanging from the ceiling and round tables giving the restaurant a spacious feel. Nobu is a great choice if you are looking for a luxury dining experience.

Of course many of us are not lucky enough to experience these restraunts in our lifetime, however if you fancy some casino fun whilst enjoying a proper home cooked meal then you could try and enjoy an evening at home.

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