Max’s Corner Bakery’s Ensaimadas make Max’s Merienda Mixes More Special

Max’s Restaurant and its bakeshop brand Max’s Corner bakery have whipped up the most and delectable for all Filipinos for their merienda treats.

Among the many treats that Max’s Corner Bakery offers are the cake rolls, cheese rolls, and the quintessential Filipino merienda pastry, Ensaimada. A household merienda staple, Ensaimada has become a Filipino favorite. The soft and fluffy ensaimada has found a niche in the merienda habits of Filipinos throughout the years. Merienda lovers young and old have enjoyed the sweet and light pastry for many years now. The simple yet very delectable sugary treat evokes a certain sense of nostalgia and comfort with every bite. And with Max’s Corner Bakery’s new take on this wonderful treat, everyone will sure ask for more.

Taking a cue from the Filipinos’ love for ensaimadas, Max’s Merienda Mixes 2 will feature the latest Ensaimada flavors from Max’s Corner Bakery, most notably the newest appetizing flavor, Yema. Diners will now have a chance to sample these flavors paired with the merienda staples offered at all Max’s Restaurant Branches. “We at Max’s were all so thrilled and happy with the success that the Merienda Mixes enjoyed last year. It was such a validating experience for us and especially for Max’s Corner Bakery, that our baked goods are just as good, or even better than those that Filipinos have been used to having.” Rey Marc San Juan, Max’s International Marketing, Ad and Promo Manager shared. “This year, we are proud to introduce a new line of scrumptious Ensaimada flavors that our diners will surely love. Our diners can count on freshly baked goods from Max’s Corner Bakery to be made with love. Always” San Juan added.

There will surely be something for everybody in Max’s Merienda Mixes. And what better way to start your merienda than with a delectable ensaimada? Diners can start their mixing and matching by choosing one Ensaimada variant from Max’s Corner Bakery. These sumptuous variants include Cheese, Ube, Mongo, or the new variant that will surely tickle the fancy of merienda lovers, Yema. Diners can then choose to pair the Ensaimada offering with any Max’s classic merienda favorites: Pancit Luglug, Pancit Canton or the triple chocolate Champorado. Diners can finish off their mix with their choice of drink: a single serving of steaming Brewed Coffee, a glass of cold and sweet Sago’t Gulaman or any refreshing Pepsi Product. Everyone will surely love these merienda treats made more special and appetizing by Max’s Corner Bakery’s luscious ensaimadas. Absolutely everyone can enjoy these treats for just P95!

“We at Max’s understand that merienda is really part of the Filipinos’ eating habits. We know that we enjoy and savor our merienda time that’s why we are really proud of our Merienda Mixes. We offer our customers value for their money with our merienda offerings and we can assure them that this will continue to be one of our commitments to our customers.” San Juan further added.

Merienda enthusiasts can start enjoying this special offering starting January 15, from 2-6 pm in any of your favorite Max’s Restaurants all over the Philippines. So head on now to any Max’s Restaurant to enjoy their newest merienda offerings with your family, friends, and just about anybody who wants to enjoy great merienda for a reasonable price. With so many wonderful choices, you’re sure to find the perfect mix for you!

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