Best Bacardi Cuba Mix

There is plethora of cocktail drinks available in the market which caters to different taste buds of cocktail lovers around this world. Yet one of the most popular and sought after brand by cocktail lovers is Bacardi Cuba. It is a brand which does not need any introduction which people buy by seeing its name.

Bacardi Cuba MixBacardi originally is rum which is used in making variety of cocktails which gives it the essential taste and fun. The company has operation based in Bermuda and Unites States. The white rum manufactured by Bacardi contains vanilla and tropical fruits which can be used in concoction of a number of mixed drinks and cocktails, as reported by the its official website.

Now coming to the Bacardi Mix with a Cuban touch, there are quite a few drinks available that will be able to quench your thirst and make you even desire for more.

Starting with the Original Bacardi Cuba Libre, it is one of the most accepted and desired cocktails by cocktail lovers. Many people don’t even know the proper name of this cocktail which is, BACARDI AND COKE. Well the origination of this drink has its own story which cannot be discussed in length yet the ingredients are worth to mention. It is a concoction of Bacardi Gold Rum, cola and Lime wedges in necessary amounts.

Another drink featuring in the cocktail list is Bacardi Mojito which is well recognised cocktail for its flavour of mint. It is a refreshing drink with mint a one of the ingredient which gives a soothing experience. Its other main ingredients are Bacardi Rum, Club Soda, mint leaves, lime and sugar. The name itself tells its features which means to cast a spell. It carries behind it its own story with great name like Sir Richard Drake and Don Facundo Bacardi Masso.

Yet another cocktail with potentiality to cool you under scorching temperature is Bacardi Daiquiri. The story of major Bacardi cocktail does have connection with Cuba and so does this cocktail. Its main ingredients are Bacardi Superior Rum, Lemon juice and simple syrup with ice cubes. This drink was originally named as “Ron Bacardi a la Daiquiri” but later its name curtailed to only “Daiquiri” , to represent the city from where it originated.

Bacardi Pina Colada which is a concoction of essentially a non-alcoholic drink with Bacardi. Its first came into being from an edition of Travel Magazine who first presented the idea. It is essential ingredients are Bacardi Select Rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream. Those with inclination for fruit juices can try this out which gives dual experience of a shake and cocktail.

Last but not the least is El Presidente Bacardi which also has Cuban taste associated with it. It was essentially a drink meant for President of Cuba and so was it named thereafter. Therefore, it can be construed as a royal cocktail or drink for elite. In order to concoct this you need Bacardi Gold Rum, MARTINI Rossi vermouth and a cherry to garnish.

The best Bacardi Cuba Mix is very hard to discriminate as the taste and preference vary from person to person but you now have choice to make and claim your Best Bacardi Cuba Mix.

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