Online Contest : Making Mother’s Day MoMo-licious!

If anyone is worthy of a lovely treat and a big thank you, it’s your mom.

As MoMo Café continues to create a feel of comfort and convenience to its customers, the chicly-designed restaurant offers a variety of delectable dishes in time for a perfect Mother’s Day indulgence, complementing the warmth and delight inherent in every mom.

Pancakes and Bacon
Pancakes and Bacon

Put together the finest ingredients and commitment to quality, their string of offerings highlights home-cooked takes on gourmet favorites. MoMo Café has put together a P395 set menu to bring moms that flavorful dining experience. Start the feast with a garnished bowl of greens made fresh with sliced oranges that is The MoMo! Gourmet. Liven up your taste buds with the Crispy “Nacho Style” Jalapeño Cheddarella Cheese Rolls, which are a tangy mix of chili beef and beans, sour cream and salsa fresca. Then, as a highlight of the celebration, there is the Slow Roasted Herb U.S. Roast Beef Fingers in creamy au jus, and a generous serving of mashed potatoes and onion rings.

To add to these already satisfying dishes, MoMo Café is giving moms an extra unlimited treat of the restaurant’s range of signature smoothies. Delight in melon lychee, watermelon and green mango, chocnut butter finger, strawberry granola yogurt and a whole assortment of an interesting fusion of flavors.

Want to take the spirit of honoring your mom even further? MoMo Café makes it possible for you. “What is the quirkiest thing about your mom that makes you love her even more?”—tell us in your most creative way by leaving a comment below and get a chance to win a P1,000 gift certificate from MoMo Café, which you can easily use to treat your mom. Easy!

With a distinctive variety of offerings, MoMo Café innovates hospitality with its customers’ every visit, whether for a hearty brunch or a planned dinner. It is prominently located in Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City and Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City, and caters to all—from family outings to meet-ups with friends, and gimmicking in the evenings to indispensable celebrations like Mother’s Day.

Terms and Conditions :

We shall announce to you the winner on Thursday, May 10 2012. Winner may claim the GC the Geiser Maclang’s Office, 6F Cambridge building Tordesillas St. Cor Gallardo Salcedo Village Makati.

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  • Carla says:

    No matter how ‘makulit’ and nagging she becomes on things that annoy us sometimes, but once she smiles and shows us her TLC, it suddenly takes away all the hurt and makes us love her even more! She never fails to spoil us even if we’re kinda hard-headed kids. 🙂

  • itin says:

    Geez it’s been more than a year since I’ve made pancakes. I miss the taste of it really as I’m on a very crazy diet.

  • Sounds yummy. The pic of the pancakes with bacon is making me hungry again. 😀

  • Enzo says:

    Mama is not the sweet type of mom like many of you may have. She is tough. She is often the voice I hear at home. When I was young, there was never a time that I asked for a coin for school that I didn’t get a sermon from her. She was that. But deep inside her is a loving heart of a mom who cares for her seven children. She with Papa have brought us up in the way we should be. She isn’t perfect. Our lives now is far from it but wherever and whatever we are right now. What I am and where I am today…I owe it to her.

  • Mavin says:

    Now i’m craving for pancakes…. 🙂 nice….

  • Kalabasa K. Kamote says:

    Will try to think of a post later. 🙂

  • Melody says:

    My mom does NOT eat rice–she hasn’t eaten it for more than 5 years! And yes, it’s part of her diet, well, it’s actually the only diet she does. Well, the quirkiest thing about my mom is that even though she insists on “trying to lose weight” yet we always find ourselves getting pizza delivered at home, eating out, buying tubs of ice cream, munching on chocolates for no reason, and eating our hearts out. I really find it cute how despite her “diet”, our family still bonds over food 🙂


  • Kimberly Remigio says:

    When I was a kid, mom has this really weird reaction whenever I have scratches or cuts on my skin. Whether I get them due to my fault or by accident, she always scolds me and hit my butt w/ a stick which doesn’t hurt much anyway, but I thought mom’s rude. Then as I grow up I realize how she loves me so much that it kills her to see me hurt. There was even one time I caught her crying over my wound while I’m asleep. Very touching Mom, I love you!

  • Carlo Eric Sanchez says:

    My mom always experiments on cooking dishes. Dishes that really would look strange in the eyes and you wouldn’t even think it is possible to cook combining the ingredients she used. But what makes it more odd is that all the experiment dishes she make always taste so good!! That is one of the things that make me love and appreciate my mom because of her cooking.. 🙂

  • Allan Reyes says:

    Ang sabi ng nany ko sa akin ay ang pagaasawa ay di parang mainit na sabaw na pag napaso ka kay luluwain mo nalang.

  • The quirkiest thing that my mom had ever done is being my personal stylist at times that I look so Manang. I am the plain Jane and she is the fashionable one and it’s amazing that she knows the latest trend even if she’s always at home. She’s not just my mother, my bestfriend but my personal stylist as well. I love my Mama so much and I do everything just to make her happy.

  • Daniel Francis M. Pascual says:

    My mom is a very superstitious woman. She always says “bawal ang ganyan, bawal ang ganito” which really drives me crazy. Even though I am not a fan of her superstitious beliefs, I know that my mom just wanted to remind me to take care of myself. She just wanted to protect me in her own way. So I admire her and love her with that gestures. I know that her superstitious beliefs doesn’t have any scientific basis but in my “world” beside her, all of those things are worthy of being exercised. Love my mom so much 🙂

  • emiliana says:

    The quirkiest thing about your mother is that she never misses to remind us all (even her grandchildren) to brush our teeth before before to bed even if we’re all past our 30’s. This peculiar behavior of hers makes us all love her all the more because no one among us 4 of her children were dentures up to this time. Thanks to her frequent reminders on our dental hygiene!

  • Even though she gets mad at us, (well, it’s because she disciplines us.) she still manages to smile at the end of the day and tells us hilarious jokes that really make us smile! She may be a constant nagger but she’s one heck of a hilarious and lovable mom she is. My mom’s the best! 🙂

  • Jay-Jay says:

    The Quirkiest Thing About My Mom ?! HA! To many xD actually, i’m going to tell the quirkiest thing about my grandma but, she is like my mother as well, my mom is in other country working for us, so i’m with my grandma right now, my grandma is the best, she take care of me while my mom is gone, it’s been 4 years when my mom left and it’s seems like forever that my grandma takes care of me 🙂 so the quirkiest thing about her is she’s so protective and she’s always at my back, if someone done something bad to me, my grandma is there for me to fight him/her, she will never stop until that person is miserable, lol, just kidding, but she’s overprotective really in weird ways, but i know that she is only doing that because she love me so much, and i want to treat her this mother’s day, i hope i can do something special for her coz she’s a super mom and i love her 😉

  • Cliff says:

    She likes to get food for me from the food served in parties even though I’m already 35 years old!

  • Mark Morfe says:

    I missed my mom’s pancakes!

  • Jennet says:

    My mom bought a trampoline for her to jump on 🙂

  • Joyce Zabala says:

    Whenever we fight, my mom usually rants by herself and won’t talk to me for hours. Little do I know that she always do stuff behind me, like iron my clothes for school or cook something for me and leave it on the table. This is why I love her more and more. <3

  • I gotta have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow 🙂

  • Andy says:

    Yummy lovely foods! I love pancakes very much. I’m hungry now. 🙂

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