Cooking is now Easy with Tefal Sensorielle Collection

Take your cooking to the next level with Tefal’s latest breakthrough innovation of new generation cookware that can withstand even the toughest and most rigorous use. Tefal proudly introduces Tefal Sensorielle Collection – a new range of essential cookware that is exceptionally durable inside and out.

Tefal Sensorielle Collection
Tefal Sensorielle Collection

In order to master your recipes, Tefal invents a unique combination of high resistant non-stick coating and high performance anti-warping bottoms. Sensorielle is made with Intensium coating – an extra hard mineral base which is infused with other non-stick layers including a visible holographic layer. With Intensium coating, Sensorielle ensures longer lasting non-stick performance and promises extremely high scratch resistance.

Its exterior is made with hard enamel coating that brings out a shiny effect and provides exceptional durability – perfect for everyday use! Designed with new high stamped channels and anti-warp base, each piece provides even heat distribution and high resistance to thermal shocks.

Eat well and eat with pleasure as Sensorielle allows you to cook using less oil and fat. For healthier cooking and living, Sensorielle guarantees tasty and healthy dishes without sacrificing the food’s flavors and nutrients. For successful cooking time after time, Tefal’s unique Thermo-Spot technology is everyone’s cue. Thermo-Spot is Tefal’s unique heat indicator that tells you when your pan has reached the optimum temperature for you to start cooking – no more guessing games, no more unwanted burns!

Where common pans fail, Tefal always provides pleasure, comfort and delicious cooking every time. Experience the new Tefal Sensorielle cookware now – and you’ll never look at cooking the same way ever again.

Tefal is exclusively distributed nationwide by Rustan Marketing Corporation and available in leading department stores nationwide.

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