I had a blast with the New Jollibee Sundae Mix-Ins MILO Blast

Its summer time again and as soon as you get out of your room, you can really feel like you want to go have a shower, grab a pint of your favorite ice cream or maybe jump to the nearest beach so you can at least enjoy the sun:)

New Jollibee Sundae
New Jollibee Sundae Mix-Ins MILO Blast

Its my rest day so I decided to go to Megamall to meet friends, to have a grocery fix and have a hearty lunch in one of my favorite restaurants. Ive been wanting to tryout the new Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins Milo Blast so I decided to buy one before heading to the Supermarket.

I have an ongoing love affair with Jollibee’s Chocolate Sundae but I always take time to try new flavors whenever they launch new offerings. If you think that this Jollibee Sundae is just another creamy vanilla softserve you’ll find in 24 hours convenience store, then think again.

Jollibee Sundae with French Fries
Jollibee Sundae with French Fries

Whats with the new flavor? This Jollibee Sundae is further enhanced with a mix of MILO powder  and MILO breakfast cereals, a great mix to make your day. I had nothing but sweet satisfaction from the first scoop to the last drop. Its plain and simple but truly addictive!

sundae from jolibee
Coz I pray every Sundae

For only P37 per cup, this dessert is delightfully good and each cup will give you nothing but happiness:) I think I just found a new way to enjoy more my favorite Jollibee Meals. How? Have Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins MILO Blast with your favorite meal:)

For the record, I had 3 cups earlier and YES my promise of having a Food Blogging Hiatus was officially broken but Its not yet over.. I will still try… I wish:(

Jollibee Sundae Mix-Ins MILO Blast is available in all Jollibee branches nationwide. For delivery, call Jollibee Express Delivery Service hotline at 8-7000 or log on to www.jollibeedelivery.com.

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  • Jelo says:

    Uy, mukhang masarap, masubukan nga.

    Stumbled across your blog. Nice entries; you’ve a real knack for writing.

    I’m a frustrated chef as well and I feel your pain brother. As part of my chef frustration therapy I’ve started my own food blog too. Forgive the barefaced plug but try and visit if you want, I’d appreciate the site traffic. ^_^

    God bless.

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