Best Bacardi Cuba Mix

There is plethora of cocktail drinks available in the market which caters to different taste buds of cocktail lovers around this world. Yet one of the most popular and sought after brand by cocktail lovers is Bacardi Cuba. It is a brand which does not need any introduction which people buy by seeing its name.

Bacardi Cuba MixBacardi originally is rum which is used in making variety of cocktails which gives it the essential taste and fun. The company has operation based in Bermuda and Unites States. The white rum manufactured by Bacardi contains vanilla and tropical fruits which can be used in concoction of a number of mixed drinks and cocktails, as reported by the its official website.

Now coming to the Bacardi Mix with a Cuban touch, there are quite a few drinks available that will be able to quench your thirst and make you even desire for more.

Starting with the Original Bacardi Cuba Libre, it is one of the most accepted and desired cocktails by cocktail lovers. Many people don’t even know the proper name of this cocktail which is, BACARDI AND COKE. Well the origination of this drink has its own story which cannot be discussed in length yet the ingredients are worth to mention. It is a concoction of Bacardi Gold Rum, cola and Lime wedges in necessary amounts.

Another drink featuring in the cocktail list is Bacardi Mojito which is well recognised cocktail for its flavour of mint. It is a refreshing drink with mint a one of the ingredient which gives a soothing experience. Its other main ingredients are Bacardi Rum, Club Soda, mint leaves, lime and sugar. The name itself tells its features which means to cast a spell. It carries behind it its own story with great name like Sir Richard Drake and Don Facundo Bacardi Masso. (more…)

How to Afford Upscale Dining Experiences

If you’re craving the fare at a particular high-end restaurant, you may not be sure whether you can fit that experience into your budget. But this will show you that with just a little saving and planning, you can. Just follow these two steps:

toronto restaurants Lunch at 360 Restaurant in Toronto 1. Reevaluate your expenses Reevaluating your expenses is really about reevaluating your priorities. It can help you ensure that you’re putting your money in places that are giving you enjoyment. Start by keeping a detailed inventory of your expenses over a week or a month, and then sit down at the end of that time to decide which ones you’re glad you made and which ones you could have done without. (more…)

How to Find the Perfect Fuel Range Cooker

There are several things that you need to keep in mind when looking for the perfect fuel range cooker.

You might have the style of your dreams already picked out, but you have to make sure that style fits in your kitchen, fits in your budget, and fits in your cooking needs.

Most range cookers are larger than the average cooker, but most come with a smaller oven. You will find wide range of quality cookers but most range cookers on the market come with six burners and a warming area, but they also have many accessories and additions that you can choose for your cooking needs.

With all of the choices and options it can be hard to pick the range cooker for your kitchen. Here are some tips to help you determine how to find the perfect fuel range cooker. (more…)

Enhance Your Mental Power with These 5 Brain Foods

The debate between food and the brain have been long fought. So can food really make you smarter?

The answer is: yes and no. Food definitely can’t improve you’re knowledge, but it can enhance brain function. While food should not solely be depended upon to keep your brain healthy, it can help.

Salmon Fish courtesy of Wikipedia
Salmon Fish courtesy of Wikipedia

Enhance your memory and increase your alertness with these 5 best brain food:

1. Berries – Berries like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries are rich in antioxidants, which reduce stress on the brain. Certain berries like strawberries contain fisetin which enhances memory. It’s recommended that adults consume three servings of fruit per day. For the enhanced brain function, consider eating at least one serving as berries. (more…)

Karate Kid now serving more Japanese-American favorites with three new stores

Japanese-American fusion restaurant Karate Kid brings its exciting flavors to even more Filipinos as it opens three new stores that include one in Farmer’s Plaza in Araneta Center, another in Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, Manila, and a store in Graceland Mall beside Bulacan State University.

karate kid branches
Guests enjoyed a diverse selection of mouthwatering Japanese-American dishes at Karate Kid in Farmer’s Plaza.

“In order to widen our reach and be more accessible to our diners, Karate Kid has been aggressive in terms of expansion starting 2011,” says Karate Kid EVP Raymond Yap. “We are targeting to open more stores to increase brand awareness among our target consumers and provide them with more venues to enjoy the Karate Kid favorites that they have come to love.” (more…)

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Sumptous New Bulgogi Fest at Bonchon Chicken

There’s not just one, but three new dishes to crave for at BonChon Chicken! The Korean American brand known for whipping up innovative, delectable dishes beefs up its menu with sumptuous takes on bulgogi.

Bonchon Bulgogi
BonChon introduces new and delicious takes on Korean bulgogi with its Bulgogi Fest.(front to back)The new Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi Rice, classic Asian favorite Beef Bulgogi Rice, and Western-inpsired Beef Bulgogi Wrap. (more…)

Visiting Sonoma Wineries

Sonoma Valley is where the California wine industry started and it is home to some of the earliest vineyards and wineries in California.

Sonoma wineries are generally open to visiting tourists and some Sonoma Winery offers a wide range of year round festivals which includes the prestigious Sonoma Valley Film Festival. The Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival takes place late each September, and is California’s oldest celebration of its winemaking heritage.

Wikipedia describes Sonoma as a historically significant city in Sonoma Valley, Sonoma County, California, USA, surrounding its historic town plaza, a remnant of the town’s Mexican colonial past.

Today, this wine producing valley is protected by the US federal government’s Sonoma Valley and Carneros AVAs (or American Viticultural Areas). The valley is located in southeastern Sonoma County between the Mayacamas Mountains and Sonoma Mountains.

If you want to enjoy wine tasting in California, A visit to Sonoma will complete your wine tasting experience. Sonoma wine tours and wine tasting tours are chiseled for the sophisticated wine lovers. (more…)