Food Styling at The Maya Kitchen

It was a unique lecture and demonstration that well known food stylist Chef Theo Zaragoza shared with students and the media recently at The Maya Kitchen. The event started with a very informative talk which touched on the whys and hows of food styling.
According to Chef Theo, food styling is the art of bringing food to life, of preserving the natural appeal of food to ensure that it looks its best in front of the camera.

Chef Theo Zaragoza

The chef also differentiated between food styling and food presentation. Whereas food presentation requires that hot food is served hot and cold food is served cold, food styling, in most instances, require room temperature. (more…)

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Make That San Marino Sandwich Recipe

This season, San Marino will be giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab to one creative individual who can come up with the best sandwich recipe using the San Marino Corned Tuna and the San Marino Chili Corned Tuna variants.

San Marino Corned Tuna Make That Sandwich Promo
San Marino Corned Tuna Make That Sandwich Promo

Philippine residents are invited to submit their sandwich recipes on the San Marino website. Participants can come up with and submit as many recipes as they can, but only one recipe per person will be qualified in the contest.

Six winning sandwich recipes will be chosen to be up for voting on Facebook. The top six sandwich recipes will be determined using the following criteria for judging: originality, uniqueness, creativity, and integration of San Marino Corned Tuna product. The sandwich recipe with the most number of ‘Likes’ by the end of the voting period wins.

The Make That Sandwich Recipe contest schedule and mechanics can be found on the Sandwich Recipe Promo Tab of the San Marino Facebook Page.

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Green Is In For Krispy Kreme

The sweetest sting that you’ll ever sink your teeth into just hit the stores! Head to your nearest Krispy Kreme branch this January and grab their limited edition Green Hornet Doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme Green Iced Sting
Krispy Kreme Green Iced Sting

It’s your favorite bubblegum flavored pastry treat, drizzled with the refreshing sting of cool mint. This twist on the much-loved confectionery treat is inspired by the excitement of the newest blockbuster movie that’s soon to hit big screens—The Green Hornet.

This limited edition treat lasts only until February 13, so be sure to grab one before you head to the cinemas!

Ocean’s Surf at Marriott Cafe Manila

Dive into an entire buffet spread of ocean treasures prepared just the way you like it as Marriott Café brings Ocean’s Surf. Combining the finest of seafood and meat choices, it will surely stimulate another exciting weekend of gastronomic dinner with the whole family for only Php1750nett.

Hibachi river prawns with Thai herbs and red chili sauce
Hibachi river prawns with Thai herbs and red chili sauce

Loaded with irresistible line up of fresh starters on ice such as rock lobster, oysters, clams, shrimps, and seafood salad, it is bound to be a thrilling weekend feast. Gorge everything fresh or with exciting twist from the chefs to kick off the experience. Move on to the hot section and explore the finest seafood selections in all forms and sizes, blanched in sumptuous shell fish broth complemented with delectable dips and sauces. For pasta lovers, let the expert chefs whip up a tasty seafood pasta dish or satiate the palate with certified pasta recipes such as the stuffed ravioli with shrimps or homemade tortellini with tuna mousse. (more…)

Announcing the Winners of our 2011 Starbucks Planners “My Best Food Shots Photo Contest”

Happy New Year everyone!! I apologize for the delayed announcement of the 2011 Starbucks Planners “My Best Food Shots Photo Contest” winners. I’ve been busy baking Monster Cookies for the whole month of December and I cant find time to announce it but here are the list of winner…

korean side dish
– Korean Side Dishes 168 likes

Name of the photographer: Colwin Tanhehco

Description: If you go to any Korean restaurant, they’ll serve you several 3 to 10 side dishes, including the most famous Korean side dish, kimchi. But of course, there are hundred other types of side dishes, from Glazed potatoes (Gamja Jorim) to Stir-Fried Green Peppers (Gochu Bokkeum). (more…)