Congratulations!!! Your Jollibee Breakfast is coming:)

Two weeks ago, we asked you to share your thoughts on how to get your morning right:) I really apologize for the delay in the announcement of the winners, we’ve been busy meeting with other sponsors for our future giveaways:)

jollibee breakfast treats

Congratulations Mel, Filamay Asturias Beboso and Flor Javier for winning our Jollibee Breakfast Treat + gift certificate. You can now treat 5 of their family or friends to a Jollibee Breakfast Joys meals. Here are the winning comments picked randomly by our friends and Pinoy Food Cravings.

MEL, October 29, 2011
Feed your Mind. Feed your Body. Feed your soul. (1) Feed your Mind- Hug your kids and husband. Feel the warmth and awe of sleeping next to the most important persons in your life. Think how much they made you feel special. Think of things to reciprocate their love too. Think on how your day can be better than that of yesterday. Do some face exercise and SMILE. (2) Feed your Body – Hydrate first thing in the morning. Take a morning stretch. Have a hearty healthy meal , break the fast and share some sweet stories over a cup of coffee with your husband. (3) Feed your soul – Before going back to work or leaving the house, pray for protection, guidance and composure. Meditate over a short devotional note or a chapter in the Bible. Extract some life lessons from your reading and live your day with it in mind. “Resistance is Futile” from Star Trek has been my mantra ever since. Go with the flow. Live it as if it’s your last. Regret nothing and let each day be an opportunity to learn and discover greater things. My fave Jollibee Breakfast Joys meal is Chicken Sausages with 2-piece, Pancakes (reminds me so much of my board exam days for a review along Morayta).

Filamay Asturias Beboso, November 1, 2011
My Top three (3) tips on how to start the day with a bright and positive note: – Start the Day with a Good Breakfast: By eating a good, healthy breakfast that will fills you up as part of your daily needs; you give a kick-start to your metabolism when it needs it most. – Read a positive book for 30 minutes. Reading something educational will mean you are improving yourself, it will run through your mind for the rest of the day and it will become a part of you. Spend some time growing mentally each day. – SMILE With a big smile on your face see how different people react to you when they meet you that day. People will be friendlier, more talkative and easier to approach. Put on a friendly face and people will find you more open and respond in kind. People being friendly would help your day start off right wouldn’t it? ~ Chicken Sausages with 2-piece Pancakes , it will provides energy for the day for any activities that Am I going to do . Best to share with my family / friends that will surely enjoy by us.

Flor Javier, November 2, 2011
3 TIPS TO start a Day with a Bright and Positive Note! • Spend a few minutes being grateful for what you got. This sets you up for a positive mood throughout the day. • Exercise. This will help you release inner tensions and worry and fill the space they occupied within you with new energy. • Do the most important thing first. This is how I start my day. Today I woke up and did my usual morning ritual that ends with doing the most important thing on my to-do list. And so I started to write this article. This not only makes sure that the most important thing gets done each day. It also makes me feel good about myself and makes the rest of the to-do list feel lighter to move through.My favorite jollibee breakfast joys meal is 2 piece pancakes.. and now with chicken sausages!

To get your prices, please contact me at melovillareal(at) with your full name, mobile phone number and shipping address where we can send the gift certificates.

Maraming Salamat po:)

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