Christmas is the real Pinoy Thanks Giving Day!

Colorful parol, sparkling lights strung on trees and on gates, carols playing in malls—there’s nothing like these to get us into the spirit of Christmas. When we see parents shopping with their kids, students wrapping gifts to give to their teachers, couples talking sweetly over mugs of hot chocolate, people gathering during Simbang Gabi, and even barkadas planning fun parties for charities, we realize there’s no other season like Christmas that brings the spirit of sharing, love, thanks and gratitude.

Toblerone White Minis Bag
Toblerone White Minis Bag

The spirit of Christmas is in giving—after all, the true meaning of the season arises from the birth of Jesus Christ, who was given to the world to save us. As such, there is no better season than Christmas to give the gift of gratitude to those who have touched our lives. Each present and card you give, and each text you send should always have, in it, the spirit of appreciation.

Toblerone Christmas Pack
Toblerone Christmas Pack

In this regard, since no one can resist a delectable Swiss chocolate, there’s no better way to show your gratitude to friends and family this holiday season than by giving them Toblerone, the legendary triangular Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat. With Toblerone’s new special packages designed specifically for Christmas, you get to share your thanks in the sweetest and most delicious way possible.

Choose the Toblerone “Holiday Treat” pack as a great thank you Christmas gift for your barkada or cousins. The triangular-shaped pack contains four Toblerone Milk Minis, three White Minis, and three Dark Minis—so you can let your friends enjoy each delectable variant of Toblerone! A gold ring on top of the box makes it easy to hang on Christmas trees as well!

On the other hand, Toblerone bars also come in beautiful tin cans with two convenient sizes—perfect for your officemates, godchildren or siblings.

The large tin can contains a 100g milk bar and a 100g white bar, while the small tin can contains two 50g milk bars, one 50g white bar and one 50g dark bar. Both come in holiday-themed designs and, with their affordable price tags, are perfect and practical gifts to show your gratitude to your loved ones!

These special edition collectible tin cans can also be reused as fun penholders or pretty containers for hairclips and other small items.

Aside from the Christmas packs, Toblerone has also released a new variant – Toblerone White Minis 200g bag!

Inside each bag contains 16 bite-sized white minis that will surely indulge you. You can find this together with other Toblerone products at your local grocery store.

True to Toblerone’s thrust to encourage us to say “thank you,” these Christmas packs are also the chocolate brand’s way of thanking everyone this season, for continuing to help Toblerone uphold the spirit of gratitude each year.

This holiday season, give the gift of gratitude to your loved ones. With Toblerone’s Holiday Treats and tin cans, you can share your sweetest way of saying “thank you” this Christmas!

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