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Guest Post by Leona Nepomuceno

Trips to Cebu would mean shopping for dried mangoes, chicharon, otap and for the extremist lechon Cebu as pasalubong. This time, I wanted to be innovative in my choice of pasalubong . I thought of an ensaymada which I tasted and bought as pasalubong for my (late) mother and I remember fondly that she liked it very much. This was several years back.

Best Ensaymada in Cebu
Best Ensaymada in Cebu

The ensaymada was from Kaffee Alde, a bread shop located in Mabolo , Cebu City.  So, in between my business functions in Cebu City, I asked for a break and requested that I be dropped –off at Kaffee Alde.

The bread shop looked like it had a lot to offer than when I saw it the first time years ago. I looked at the several rows and shelves of various sweet and savory breads . There were adobo and asado rolls. There were cinnamon rolls and whole wheat dinner rolls. And of course, my reason for being there, the ensaymada, now in three variants the plain butter cream, ube and choco chip.

Kaffee Alde Bakeshop
Kaffee Alde Bakeshop

I just had to try the ube and the choco chip. According to Lorraine Dytian, owner and pastry chef , they make the all natural ube halaya(purple yam jam) for the ube ensaymada. The ube is almost unnoticeable because it has not been enhanced with violet food dye. But wait till you taste it!

The first bite is soft and more importantly not chewy which means that the dough is not overworked. The second bite gives you the appreciation of fresh velvety bread with a nutty, creamy and subtly sweet flavour of the ube jam swirled inside it. It was dreamy! I was very happy to have found my perfect ube ensaymada.

I was also offered to try a choco chip ensaymada and I thought why not?

Kaffee Alde Cebu
Kaffee Alde Cebu

What could have been a perfect pairing of hot tsokolate eh was embodied in one piece of pastry. Chocolate drink and creamy downy bread with butter cream in one harmonious bite…….excellent!

Lorraine told me they are still using her mother, Mrs. Loretta Dytian’s recipe for the ensaymada. It was in 1990 when they put up Kaffee Alde that she innovated it and used buttercream instead of the traditional butter and sugar topping. Personally, I think that this should be made the fourth variant: the traditional ensaymada. Which I think will have a longer shelf life and would be ideal as a pasalubong .

It would be very ideal if this ensaymada would be available at the Mactan International Airport’s Domestic Departure area.

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