Penong’s Barbeque Seafoods and Grill

In the event that you get lucky and visit Davao City and are searching for a amazing restaurant that offers spectacular meals, I would suggest you try Penong’s  Barbeque Seafood and Grill. This restaurant is perfect for everybody who desires to take a break from foods and cuisine provided by trendy restaurants.

chicken barbeque
Penongs Famous Chicken Barbeque

After my first visit, I immediately fell in love with this restaurant for variety of factors. First, I fell in love with the grilled chicken because of it’s natural taste and tender meat. Second, Penong’s happens to be the only barbeque place in Davao City which, in doing my personal taste preferences, successfully captured the ideal grilling procedure for chicken with its unique and mouth-watering sauce. The flavor is marvelously tasty, and made me to forget about my diet. One more fantastic dish of Penong’s is the Calamares, a breaded squid, sliced thinly and deep fried in vegetable oil.

Penongs Grilled Pork Ribs
Penongs Grilled Pork Ribs

Penong’s also provides unlimited rice as well as bottomless iced tea should you have a wholesome and unstoppable appetite. The term and “unlimited” and “bottomless” of course means you can order rice and iced tea as long as your belly can accept them. Another aspect of why I preferred dining at Penong’s is the ambience, the location is set in an open-walled local building so diners may experience clean air flow coming from outside.

Penong’s  Barbeque Seafood and Grill
Penong’s Barbeque Seafoods and Grill

More than having incredible and tasty food, this restaurant has several meal choices too. It was during the 2010 DFAT when I first got the chance to dine at Penong’s and tried some of their popular meals which includes the unlimited rice, a sizable barbecued chicken thigh together with the spicy delicious sauce, a soft drink and an appetizer. I tried also their Calamares since it can be so tempting that even when my stomach is already full, I will be nevertheless craving for more.

This restaurant has numerous branches around Davao City. Just look for the colorful signage that says “Penongs”, believe me, Its not your ordinary Andoks and Mang Inasal chicken BBQ, We truly deserve better than that right?

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