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So, what is this whole twist, lick, and dunk thing anyway? Well, it’s simple. OREO cookies are the most beloved cookies in the world and the way kids all over the world love to eat them is to take the two delicious chocolate wafers which have creamy white yummy cream inside them and twist them apart.

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Next you can lick the creamy white filling from both chocolate cookie sections, and finally- as if that isn’t enough – you dunk those tasty chocolate cookies into a big, tall, cold glass of milk. Actually, there is one step left and that is to eat the cookies!

Want to give it a try? It’s easier than you think. You don’t even have to buy any cookies because if you go to the Share OREO website you can claim your own free OREO Snack Pack and then you can return the favor by letting your friends go claim their own snack packs.

While you are at the OREO site, you can give the Bonding Puzzle a try. The bonding puzzle is an online game where you help a mom and her son to figure out how to enjoy some OREOs together. Figure out the correct pattern and you can win more prizes and even the chance to become a real, life, human OREO. Don’t worry though, if you become an OREO, no one is going to twist, lick, and dunk you but you can spin, run, and jump against a Velcro wall instead.

One thing for sure though, you won’t get eaten!

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