San Marino Tuna Paella : Surprisingly Sensational

PAELLA de lata? Possible! Only with San Marino. From the innovative brand that brought the Corned Tuna that everyone just can’t get enough of, comes a new tuna variant that will definitely become another surprise hit among the Filipino consumers.

San Marino Tuna Paella

Paella, a well-known Valencian rice dish that made its way to our islands as did its Spanish originators, made its way also to our hearts and became a regular favorite on Filipino menus. Paella, however, is not an everyday dish because it is both costly and takes a lot of time to make – especially the seafood variety, which everyone particularly loves.

Fortunately, San Marino’s tireless efforts in providing fresh new products for the Filipino consumers resulted in the San Marino Tuna Paella, a surprisingly sensational tuna variant which let’s everyone enjoy tuna and paella on a whole new level.

The Tuna Paella is a delicious romance of Spanish rice and tuna mixed with chopped choice carrots and fresh green peas. There are no preservatives added to keep its consumers healthy and there is also high Omega 3 DHA content to make it good for the heart.

The Tuna Paella goes through a special sterilization process to kill all microorganisms present in the spoil-prone product, and is packed in especially airtight cans to prevent recontamination – making it safe for consumption and at its best quality for up to three years. The can is also easy-open, making it easier for consumers to enjoy the healthy goodness of Tuna Paella anytime, anywhere.

Show Me Your Love San Marino Tuna Contest

Grab a can of this surprise tuna sensation now available in leading grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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Show Me Your Love

San Marino has cooked up the Show Me Your Love video contest for those who are in love, or are simply in love with love. For the month of July and August, interested participants need only to submit links to their 15-second video entries showing how much they love their special someone. Entries will be judged based on emotional impact, creativity, originality, and integration of San Marino product. Five finalists will be chosen to have their video clips shown on electronic billboards for a given amount of time. The grand prize winner gets a Mi Amor vacation package to Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa, and takes home PhP 10,000.

For more information on the contest, log on to .

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